In March 2021, 77 percent of consumers said they think “the potential risks of data collection outweigh the benefits,” and 83 percent said, “not enough is being done to ensure my privacy is protected” in a dentsu survey. This confirms what many marketers already knew—that while first-party data is essential for attracting customers and building trust, collecting it the right way is critical. Rather than blasting out your holiday campaigns to anyone and everyone, use your data wisely by focusing on quality over quantity with your customers this season. Your prospects and customers will thank you as the new year rolls around.

Using your data wisely for holiday 2021

How you utilize that data is just as important as the data itself. Keep these three things in mind as you prepare your holiday campaigns.

  • Segment your audiences correctly: Data should be used to target consumers with the content they want to see and exclude them from the content they don’t care about.
  • Be sensitive to oversaturation: Send the right message at the right time and frequency. Overloading your audience with the same content often causes disinterest.
  • Understand intent and be flexible: Your approach to data activism needs to account for this season where customers are purchasing more for others than themselves.

Where to start with data

Now that you know the basics of data best practices for the holidays, it’s time to focus on using that data for your campaigns.

  • Build your data and identity foundation: Now is the time to look at how you are storing your customer and prospect data and to see if any changes need to be made ahead of the holiday season. If you haven’t already, it’s critical to tag your site with a first-party identity resolution service. This tag will use a first-party cookie that you can then link to consumer signals in your CRM for existing customers and a broader audience of prospects.
  • Provide inventory control: Consumers love to see how much product you have in stock for specific items, at what locations they can buy the product they want, or the status of products they’re interested in buying. Be transparent about your inventory by displaying these numbers on your website for appropriate expectations and transparency.
  • Focus on the next best action: Once you know who is engaging on your site, you can leverage machine learning and other tools to drive the right engagement. Personalize their experience by tailoring messages to encourage the next step, such as viewing additional items or signing up for your newsletter.
  • Create gift guides: Get smart about how your brand rolls out its gift guide. If you center the guide around a theme—such as a 12-days-of-Christmas concept—you can keep people on your site and keep your brand top of mind throughout the season.

What’s next

With data collection as the foundation to your holiday campaigns, next week we’ll talk about digital messaging and experience. In our new digital-first world, digital channels could be make-or-break for your brand and we’re here to help you make sure it’s the former.

In the meantime, download our 2021 Holiday Preparation Playbook and register for our on-demand The Next Normal webinar, The Trends Driving Holiday 2021 Success. We’re here to walk your brand through the new holiday landscape and beyond.


Download 2021 Holiday Preparation Playbook

Register for The Next Normal: The Trends Driving Holiday 2021 Success


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