The holiday countdown is on! Do you have a marketing plan in place to ace this year’s biggest shopping season? If not, you’ve come to the right place.

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Stand out in the crowd by trying these four website hacks this year:

1. Get Picky About Special Offers and Promotion Days

Sure, you want to package your best offers for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but you should start putting together these offers starting with Veterans Day. And just because Cyber Monday ends, doesn’t mean there aren’t a few big days you can take advantage of in December, most notably Green Monday and Free Shipping day.

Promote your best offers across all of your marketing channels, while driving visitors to landing pages with relevant product messaging, and ensure the offers are easy to execute on your site.

For most holiday shoppers, the ability to get pricing deals is the biggest motivator when it comes to making an online purchase.

2. Get that Shopping Cart Ready

Customers are constantly on the go the week of Thanksgiving, so your shopping cart has to be optimized for mobile. Keep in mind that some of the most common reasons shoppers abandon shopping carts are related to an overly complicated checkout process.

Increase the likelihood of purchases by updating your checkout process to make it seamless for website visitors. Consider allowing people to check out as guests to speed up the process. And make sure your cart button is prominently displayed on every page of your site for easy clicking.

3. Optimize Your Website for Holiday Traffic

Your holiday deals will be so enticing that it’s essential to ensure your website can keep up with the extra traffic. Site speed impacts conversion rate, so make sure you have the right technology and solutions in place to provide the necessary bandwidth and speed to support higher holiday traffic.

After working with DEG on a strategic website redesign, Hallmark Baby saw a 201-percent increase in revenue on Black Friday compared to the previous year.

Design is important, too. Celebrate the season on your website by adding encouraging, upbeat content for the most important milestone dates: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. Make sure holiday offers are featured prominently on your home page, and update your website images, keywords, and SEO to help shoppers find your business in search results.

4. Use Pricing and Free Shipping to Your Advantage

For most holiday shoppers, the ability to get pricing deals is the biggest motivator when it comes to making an online purchase. Be liberal with your discounts during the holidays, but don’t undervalue your product. Do some research and make sure your price and overall value is better than your competitors.

There’s no question that shoppers love free shipping—and over the last few years, they’ve come to expect it. In fact, according to Deloitte’s 2017 holiday retail survey, free shipping continues to be more valuable to shoppers than fast shipping.

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If you’re hesitant to offer free shipping, for fear of taking a profitability hit, consider these safer shipping offer options:

  • Choose only a few items to trigger free shipping discounts
  • Allow free shipping on orders over a certain pre-tax purchase amount
  • Offer the free shipping discount, but only for standard shipping
  • Approach the holiday season as your only free-shipping promotional period

Consumer confidence in the U.S. is at an all-time high, and that, along with low unemployment and rising wages, means that the 2018 holiday shopping season will be a big one for online retailers.

Are you ready to maximize your holiday sales? Download our ebook, Countdown to the Holidays, for all the tips and tricks you need to plan and execute a successful integrated marketing campaign this season.

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