Playbooks - Welcome Series - 3 Set Cadence

When I provide my email address on a company’s website, I expect (and have grown accustomed) to receiving an email within minutes. A warm, welcoming email (coupons don’t hurt) assuring me that providing my email address will be worthwhile (and not a huge mistake).

Surprisingly, only 50% of organizations deploy welcome emails. Don’t let this be your company! Welcome emails are an ideal opportunity for your brand to make a meaningful first impression and set expectations for marketing frequency. For many of our clients, their Welcome email will have the highest open rate, click through rate, and conversion rate of any of their emails.

ExactTarget has offered two major options for deploying real-time Welcome emails. If you store your subscriber data using ExactTarget’s List model, then you could add ExactTarget’s Web Collect form to your website (for collecting new email addresses) and configure a List’s Welcome email. Or, if you store your subscriber data using ExactTarget’s List or Data Extension model, you could initiate an API call from your website to an ExactTarget Triggered Send.

Recently, ExactTarget has provided a third facile option, Playbook’s Welcome Series. The Playbook walks you through a wizard for choosing a Welcome email, but also the cadence for two follow-up emails. For real-time functionality, email addresses will still need to be written to a List or Data Extension through Web Collect or an API call.

By configuring a Welcome series, you can continue a conversation with your subscriber past the initial Welcome email. Use the two follow-up emails to educate subscribers on your brand, ask for additional profile information, or encourage cross-channel engagement (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, SMS).

DEG recently hosted 17-minute ExactTarget training on configuring the Playbook’s Welcome Series.

Playbooks are enabled complimentary for all ExactTarget accounts.

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