The business world has a famous saying that if you’re not growing, you’re dying.

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That’s potentially a little dramatic for this conversation, but the truth is that standing still with your marketing programs makes you vulnerable to being passed by your competitors.

The threat is even more prominent because not only are consumers raising their expectations, but their loyalty and patience for the brands they engage with is waning. There are just too many options at their fingertips for them not to be impatient.

Whether you have recently launched an ecommerce site or are looking to revamp your site in the near future, you have either just spent or are about to spend a large investment—not just in budget but also in time and energy—to stand up a high-performing and engaging commerce experience.

Why Strategy is the Key in Marketing Your Brand

It would be a disservice to all of that work and investment to then not take the necessary steps to ensure it continues operating at a high level and grow in its capabilities and functionality.

Ecommerce is entering a new era of importance and expectations. It’s a great time to shed the outdated method of ecommerce support and take a proactive approach to continuously meeting consumers’ needs.

Crafting seamless commerce support

DEG’s ecommerce managed services focus on what your brand needs to continue to provide an exceptional online commerce experience for your customers. This means we go beyond the break-fix model of support and work as an extension of your team, enhancing and optimizing your solution for growth.

We have experience across technology platforms and providers, and can recommend the best course of action for your brand, including:

3 Tactical Considerations When Approaching Ecommerce Support

  • Conversion-rate optimization
  • Internal and third-party integrations (direct or via tools like MuleSoft or Dell Boomi)
  • Solution training & best-practice recommendations
  • Defining and measuring your business objectives
  • Quarterly business meetings with KPI tracking and roadmap planning, leveraging our full-service agency teams when prudent

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