Who knew working in construction could be as exciting as a sports game? After some research, we did.

Creative Analytics, Part 1: Where to Begin

DRI DUCK, a traditionally B2B outdoor clothing and apparel retailer, teamed up with DEG, Linked by Isobar to create a long-term B2C strategy for selling its outdoor workwear products. The result of a brainstorming session that included key agency research was Work TV, an ESPN SportsCenter-style show for worksites.

Key insight: In construction, workers put their trust in uniforms that keep them safe from rough conditions, routinely relying on brands that hold up in the elements. To shift consumer behaviors, marketers have to disrupt their routine, show authenticity in action, and break category communication conventions to leave a memorable impression.

The cross-channel campaign includes multiple videos ranging from 30 to 90 seconds, and a content library of GIFs and images showcasing the durable, comfortable outdoor and work products DRI DUCK sells. The brand even got a distinct voice, or two, for the campaign.

“They wanted it funny; they wanted it irreverent,” DEG Executive Creative Director Tug McTighe said.

Each video includes announcers using sports-inspired lingo and giving tongue-in-cheek play-by-play analysis of the workers’ performance. The campaign celebrates the new DRI DUCK tagline “Real Work. Made Better,” using video and motion graphics to show its workwear products in action with lively commentary.

Starting with the introductory video, you’re immersed in the world of construction and outdoor laborers who need sturdy workwear products to keep them protected from the elements.

“Our product really does have to stand up to some intense working conditions, and we thought it was a really creative way to celebrate the guys doing the work,” said DRI DUCK President Jason Krakow in an interview with the Kansas City Business Journal.

Subsequent videos include meeting various characters on the worksite, including the foreman and the anchors themselves.

With a dedicated Work TV landing page launching each video, DRI DUCK’s digital channels began posting the campaign in Q4 of 2018. DRI DUCK sought to increase its website traffic, email subscribers, and social media following with this campaign.

Work TV accomplished its goals of not only driving traffic and growing DRI DUCK’s channels but converting that traffic into revenue. Read the full case study to view all campaign results.

How Social Commerce is Changing the Retail Game

DRI DUCK and DEG are continuing their work together in 2019 with new integrations of the Work TV campaign with paid media and social channel executions.

“We’re pleased, and we think it’s just getting started,” Krakow said.

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