Instagram grew tremendously as a platform in the last year, and not just in terms of the amount of its users. From advertising to having photos that are more than just squares, let’s take a look at the updates that shaped the platform in 2015.


Instagram’s ads platform synced with Facebook Ads in 2015, and that meant big things for those advertising on the social media network. Not only are you able to advertise to your followers with photos, but the platform added video and carousel ad capabilities last year. With improved targeting to increase anything from brand awareness to video views and website clicks, Instagram ads improved significantly for marketers in 2015.


With the rise of the micro-video in social media this year, Instagram took advantage by releasing Boomerang. Boomerang allows users to create two-second micro-videos with ease that show a mirrored image that boomerangs back to the first frame. If you’re looking for a fun way to incorporate short-form video into your mix, Boomerang is a great option.



Did you previously use another app to create picture collages? No more. Instagram released Layout, an intuitive app that syncs within the Instagram app to help you or a brand you manage create easy photo collages.

Picture Sizes


NO MORE SQUARES. OK, I’m being facetious here, but Instagram did unveil new photo sizes for the platform in 2015. No longer does your photo have to be resized before uploading to the platform. Instead, both vertical and horizontal shots can be uploaded with ease, expanding the versatility of your photos.

Consistent Filters

Instagram streamlined its filter options, not only adding new filter options, but refining the total number of filter options and making these filter options consistent for photos and videos.

Instagram Direct


While Instagram Direct was introduced in 2013, the platform reimagined sharing photos in 2015. You can now share and message directly from photos, while also starting and keeping threaded messages.

Improved Search and Discovery


One of the major slights against Instagram in previous years was how difficult it was to search and find new accounts to follow, track trends, and search popular hashtags. Instagram improved this functionality greatly last year.

What improvements do you predict for the platform in 2016? Comment below and we’ll retweet the best comments on @DEGdigital!

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