The holiday shopping season continues to grow—not only with deals starting earlier in the fall, but with additional final-final-final days of deals. One such day of note is Free Shipping Day, held annually in mid-December when retailers offer the final day of free shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve.

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Why focus on Free Shipping Day?

First, everyone loves free shipping. It’s that simple. Amazon has even made it an expected option. And one of the best final pushes for a brand that offers a free-shipping option lies within how it approaches informing customers that December 14, 2019 is the final day to receive free shipping.

Second, Christmas shoppers want to guarantee they’ll be able to wrap and give their purchases to whomever they’re for on Christmas Day. Without that guarantee, plus the free cost, shoppers are less likely to shop online, and will instead opt to visit a store for any last-minute gifts.

How to promote Free Shipping Day

Start by directly messaging (via email, social, etc.) your current customers about the details. Define what Free Shipping Day is—go ahead and steal most of the second sentence of this blog—and how it benefits your customers.

You can encourage them to continue shopping for last-minute Christmas gifts until Free Shipping Day, which places your brand top of mind for anyone still looking to make purchases.

One of the best ways to specifically target customers you think would be likely to purchase before Free Shipping Day is to consider paid advertising.

Then, you’ll want to expand your messaging. Think about adding a callout on your home page about Free Shipping Day and any promotional offers still available to your customers. Consider placing a bold line of red text above the “Add to cart” button on every product page, asking customers to “Purchase by December 14 and receive free shipping!”

Next, branch out onto additional channels, like social media and SMS. Put it out into the (virtual) world—and at consumers’ fingertips—that your brand offers free shipping with guaranteed delivery by Christmas Eve until December 14.

Should you boost it?

One of the best ways to specifically target customers you think would be likely to purchase before Free Shipping Day is to consider paid advertising. This can be in the form of Google Ads, social media sponsored posts, and display ads on various websites.

With any of these, you can narrow down your targeting to very specific attributes or keep it broad and general for all. While the latter may seem like a better option when it comes to last-minute holiday shopping, it’s actually the former that will allow you to reach people who are inclined to shop later for Christmas gifts.


Knowing and understanding your target audience—in this case, last-minute holiday shoppers—allows you to use your paid advertising budget on consumers who are more likely to take action (in this case make a purchase) as a result of seeing your ad. Dig into who your top customers were around this time last year.

Were your top last-minute shoppers male or female? What age range shopped later last year? How much did they spend on average? What products were purchased? These questions will help shape how you target your paid ads and better reach the right customers with your Free Shipping Day messaging.

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Creating an ongoing marketing strategy

Once the holidays end, you’ll still need to consider how to best engage with all your new customers. Check out how we’ve helped other brands reach their customers in the moments of greatest impact.

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