As we wrap up our final excerpt from our 2019 holiday marketing ebook—and head into the busy holiday season—we dive into the two areas of consideration before you officially launch your seasonal campaign: updating your return experience and creating a cross-channel plan of execution.

Social Media Tactics for Holiday Promotional Marketing

Improve the return experience

An easy, customer-focused return process can be the best gift for your customers. Reduce your costs and improve the customer experience by evaluating your current policy and making enhancements where necessary.

1. Delight your customers

In a retail study commissioned by Happy Returns, two-thirds of respondents said they check these return policies before making a purchase, and 85 percent said they are more likely to purchase if they feel confident that the retailer will provide a smooth returns experience.

2. Make exchanges simpler

Your returns process is not solely intended for administering a refund. When a customer is unsatisfied with an order, it is important to offer the option of a quick, frictionless exchange.

Whatever the preferred channel may be, the best possible return experience is one that provides the customer with choices.

3. Provide multiple return options

Whatever the preferred channel may be, the best possible return experience is one that provides the customer with choices.

4. Optimize your reverse logistics

Reduce your costs this holiday season with smarter routing and aggregating. Efficient shipping and processing will expedite the processes of restocking returned items to be resold and refunded to customers.

Bring it all together in a cross-channel holiday campaign

The incredible amount of marketing clutter and noise during the holidays means that it’s more important than ever to provide personalized, cross-channel experiences for your customers.

Begin with analytics and customer insights

Data is your best friend during the holiday season. Rely on analytics and assessments of holidays past to understand your consumers’ behavior.

Make a comprehensive holiday campaign plan

Today’s consumer moves seamlessly between email, web, and social networks using all kinds of devices, and they expect you to provide an integrated and cohesive experience. Maintain a single view of your customer by tying data from each of your marketing channels to historical data like past purchases.

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7 Proven Methods to Drive Holiday Sales

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