Extracting tracking data from ExactTarget isn’t some kind of rarely performed process that only crops up once every other year. Rather, it’s one of ET’s core functions, amplifying the effectiveness of almost everything you do on the platform. The data ExactTarget delivers can make the difference between success and failure for your digital marketing program.

What if tomorrow morning, before you’ve even gotten your first cup of coffee, your database team (always eager for more data) strolls into your cubicle and makes an interesting request: Could you provide them with all of the tracking data (opens, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes) from ExactTarget?

You decide it’s time for that coffee, but as you raise your mug, your boss sees you and says, “Hey, you there. The CEO would like to send a special email to everyone who has clicked on an email in the past year. We can totally do that, right?”

Would you know the answers?

If you are familiar with deploying emails through ExactTarget, then you know that ExactTarget automatically generates a tracking report after each send. These reports contain the tracking data (open, clicks, bounces, and unsubscribes) you would need for our two scenarios, but the process for exporting this data would be too manual and too time consuming.

Thankfully, ExactTarget’s Automation Studio (formerly Automated Interaction Management or AIM) can automate the extraction of tracking data from ExactTarget to an FTP, thus assisting both of your quandaries!

We recently hosted a complimentary ExactTarget training on extracting tracking data from ExactTarget, and during this 45-minute training session, we taught attendees how to set up a Data Extract, File Transfer, and Automation.

Automation Studio is an additional feature for some ExactTarget accounts, so ensure you have it purchased and enabled.

Enjoyed the training? Go here to learn more about DEG’s lineup of industry-best ExactTarget trainings.

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