It’s no secret. I’m a fan of ExactTarget. (It doesn’t hurt that DEG is ExactTarget’s only 2x Global Partner of the Year, as well as its current Global Consulting Partner of The Year.) Over the past four years, I’ve had the privilege of implementing and training hundreds of clients on ExactTarget, and as I work with the platform, I’m always reminded how accessible ExactTarget is. We recently conducted a training highlighting one such feature, a user’s ability to export data from an ExactTarget Data Extension.

If you’re not familiar, ExactTarget is flexible and provides three methods for storing data: Lists (subscriber data), Lists (subscriber data) + Data Extensions (reference/relational data), or Data Extensions (subscriber and relational/reference data). Additional ExactTarget features (Microsites/Landing Pages and SocialPages) can also pass data to Data Extensions.

For those clients who store subscriber or relational/reference data in Data Extensions, it’s important to be able to access that data. Currently, ExactTarget doesn’t offer an “Export” button, so to export data from a Data Extension, we utilize a Data Extract, File Transfer, and Automation. We recently hosted a 25-minute complimentary ExactTarget training on configuring this process.

The Automation Studio is an additional feature for some ExactTarget accounts, so ensure you have the feature purchased and enabled.

ExactTarget Newbie or ExactTarget Ninja? Learn about DEG’s ExactTarget trainings.

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