ExactTarget's Pulse

As one of DEG’s ExactTarget Trainers, I have often encountered many new and existing users who are confused with ExactTarget’s Interactive Marketing Hub (IMH).

I’m here to assure you, it’s not confusing!

From its inception and until a few years ago, ExactTarget was strictly an email service provider; that is, ExactTarget only offered the ability to communicate with your customers through email. However, ExactTarget has grown rapidly and now offers several channels for communicating with your customers: Social (SocialEnage and SocialPages), Mobile (MobileConnect and MobilePush), and Web (iGoDigital and Sites).

Given its continued development as a multichannel marketing solution, ExactTarget created the Interactive Marketing Hub, a platform to plan, monitor, and track across these multiple channels. Several complimentary cross-channel tools are built right into the Interactive Marketing Hub (Calendar, Campaigns, Playbooks, Pulse, and Reports), as are a few additional cross-channel tools (Automation Studio and Audience Builder).

During a recent training webinar, DEG provided guidance on configuring one of these complimentary tools, Pulse. Pulse is a real-time dashboard tool to monitor your ExactTarget account’s email sends and your company’s number of Facebook Fans and/or Twitter Followers.



Yearning for more? Learn about DEG’s ExactTarget trainings.

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