Everyone knows someone who has been impacted by COVID-19. This situation as a whole has tended to bring out the best in humanity. From a couple leaving restaurant workers a generous $9,400 tip and neighborhoods putting on socially distanced birthday parties to couples live-streaming or planning alternative weddings, people are using their creativity to come together.

4 Trends Shaping Social Media During COVID-19

Many are turning to social media as the go-to channel for sharing this creativity and encouraging more feel-good moments around the world.

Here are a few examples we especially enjoyed:

A pianist playing on his balcony was joined by a saxophonist neighbor in a duet of “My Heart Will Go On,” captured the hearts of nearby residents, as well as millions more online.

A trend popping up in cities across the world include residents—like the ones in midtown Atlanta shown here—celebrating healthcare workers during shift change each night.


Our lives don’t stop, and some have found new or alternative ways to continue on with the plans they had. One couple hosted their gender reveal on their balcony.

In an effort to combat the inescapable news regarding the pandemic, John Krasinski (inspired by @TanksGoodNews and GoodNewsNetwork.org) launched a YouTube channel called “Some Good News,” dedicated to reminding us of all the good still happening in the world. Take a look at the first episode below.

Brands join in

DEG COVID-19 Thought Leadership

As many rally to support the millions who have been laid off or furloughed as businesses shut down to flatten the curve, we’re also seeing brands embrace this spirit of unity and solidarity on social media.

Here are a few examples we think are doing an exceptionally good job:

Miller Lite and other beverage companies have pledged to donate and support the United States Bartenders’ Guild National Charity Foundation Bartender Emergency Assistance Program. Busch Beer’s Busch Guy even hosted virtual trivia night, raising funds for USBGNCF.

REI focused its latest “In Our Nature” video series episode on people who are choosing to make the world a little brighter right now.

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Now, more than ever, our communities need our support. To learn more about the @nbgivesback donation, see the link in bio.

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New Balance Foundation pledged $2 million in non-profit grants in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The brand, along with several other retailers, has also transformed its factories to develop, manufacture, and deliver facial masks.

DEG client United Way of Greater Kansas City partnered with multiple organizations to create the COVID-19 Response and Recovery Fund. The campaign is shedding light on the numerous people affected by the stay-at-home orders and non-essential business closures, raising funds for numerous nonprofits throughout Kansas City to help those in need.

Embracing unity in your marketing

Best Brand Responses to Coronavirus on Social Media

Unity and coming together is a common theme every business can share on social and other communication channels with its customers. While everyone is getting used to their new routines, it can be comforting knowing the brands you shop are right there with you, updating delivery options, sharing employee culture, and spreading the love.

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