Dreamforce, Salesforce’s biggest conference, is guaranteed to host a wealth of insights and information as we close out 2019 and begin planning for 2020. Notably, we expect to hear more about Salesforce Customer 360, which was announced at last year’s conference, and gain a better understanding of the new updates and tools Salesforce will be providing partners and marketers to better connect with customers in the moments that matter most.

A First Look at the Salesforce Customer 360 Data Manager

Here are a few additional things our DEG experts are looking forward to at next week’s conference:

Kristen Miller, Manager of Project Management

Dreamforce provides a type of energy you can’t get anywhere else. I look forward to the opportunity to build connections, share expertise, and walk away with a motivation to take on the world. My biggest focus is understanding the roadmap for Tableau and how it can help deliver personalized experiences across platform.

Tony Toubia, Director of Relationship Marketing

For me, it’s all about Customer 360—both the Data Manager and Data Platform. Given so much of the Salesforce stack is comprised of strategic acquisitions, the C360 Data Manager product is the historically missing link, and the keys to brands’ technology Tetris, that will allow marketers to better resolve and manage customer records across the disparate platforms.

DEG Bolsters Relationship Marketing Practice with Leadership Moves

And as our clients become more sophisticated in their adoption of Marketing Cloud and other Salesforce products and capabilities, C360 Data Platform being the Salesforce answer to traditional CDPs will represent the new operational marketing profile that drives coordinated cross-channel activations from a centralized and single view of the consumer.

Travis McCan, Senior Relationship Marketing Strategist

I’m excited to attend and present at my first Dreamforce! I’ll be looking forward to learning from other nonprofits about how they personalize the donor funnel and how AI continues to transform all facets of our industry.

Denise Meinershagen, Salesforce CX Consultant

I’m looking forward to learning about new Salesforce functionality that I can leverage to provide cutting-edge solutions for our DEG client partners.

David Adler, Salesforce CX Consultant

As AI, cross-cloud capabilities, automations, and enhanced interfaces are becoming more mature within the Salesforce platform, the customer experience and interaction with brands is vastly changing. I look forward to hearing what exciting and creative ways brands are using the Salesforce platform, what new features will be coming in this year’s releases, and working with clients to figure out how they will incorporate these new features into how they interact and service their customers.

Jeff vonSeldeneck, Regional Director

As always, I’m looking forward to an awesome and memorable networking event run by Salesforce. I have met and grown so many partnerships through the years at Salesforce events and expect the same this year!

Master your Dreamforce conference experience

How Salesforce is Connecting the Customer Experience

As we pack up our bags and try to not forget any helpful gadgets before heading to the airport on Sunday, take a look at our top 12 tips for mastering any conference. My tip is to always pack your sneakers in your bag for the day—you never know when you’ll need to swap shoes to get around the bustling Dreamforce crowds.

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