The days leading up to Dreamforce are always spent in anticipation of the latest announcements and trends that will be discussed over the course of the conference.

Last year featured the announcements of Einstein and Commerce Cloud, along with plenty of discussion around innovation and the customer experience. What does this year’s Dreamforce have in store?

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We don’t know for sure, but for part two of our preview of Dreamforce 2017 (catch up on part 1 here), we asked some of our attendees the Dreamforce 2017 themes they are most excited about.

Dreamforce 2017 themes

Jeanette Thomas, Senior Team Leader of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation  

It has been a little more than a year since Salesforce purchased Demandware, now known as Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Things have really moved along over the past year to leverage the value of the two platforms as they work together. I am most excited about learning more on how Salesforce is integrating Commerce Cloud into the full ecosystem. By leveraging all the Salesforce clouds, merchants will be one step closer to having a 360-degree view of their customers all through the Salesforce platform.

By leveraging all the Salesforce clouds, merchants will be one step closer to a 360-degree view of their customers.

And merchants need this ability now more than over. The National Retail Federation has declared that it expects total retail sales to grow 3.7-4.2% in 2017. However, they expect online retail to grow at three times that rate, or as high as 8-12% in 2017. Merchants need to use all of the tools available to decrease shopping cart abandonment, increase average order value, increase customer satisfaction, and more in this competitive and growing environment. Having all of the Salesforce clouds working together, and giving the merchant the best view of the customer, is how they will be able to achieve their goals. I can’t wait to learn more about how the Clouds will work together.

Travis Most, Director of Salesforce CRM Services

I am most excited to see and hear the latest and greatest enhancements Salesforce has made to Einstein. Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing are definitely the focus of most business articles being published today, but Salesforce is bringing these capabilities to life in very practical ways, as an extension of the toolsets they already provide.

Having insights and recommendations surfaced to us is now part of the present—allowing us all to be more efficient and effective with our time. I can’t wait to see what surprises Salesforce has in store for us at Dreamforce, as well as a preview of the roadmap to come!

Tony Toubia, Senior Relationship Marketing Strategist

We predict the Einstein algorithmic engine will have a place in nearly every step of the customer journey.

According to Nasdaq, Salesforce is expected to spend more than $1B in R&D in 2017. For that reason, I’m always inclined to pay close attention to the keynotes and product development-based announcements and sessions. They are truly shaping the way that companies connect with their consumers, so even if the topic feels out of reach for your organization, consider it a trend watch—you need to know what they are doing and planning. Whether you are a prospective Salesforce product user or a seasoned veteran, you can bet that your organization’s vision can stand to benefit from Salesforce’s vision.

As for specific topics, I am particularly interested in anything Einstein and DMP related. Einstein AI is finding its place in more than just product and content recommendations. I predict we’ll find that the algorithmic engine that is Einstein will have a place in nearly every step of the customer journey, from the existing product and content recommendations and optimized send timing to channel preferences and scoring propensities for actions or even personas.

Einstein tools are already quite powerful today and as time goes on, I think we’ll continue to see really compelling use-cases, which Salesforce will focus on actualizing as out-of-the-box features and functionalities, giving end-user marketers the ability to drive truly one-to-one experiences.

DMP (formerly Krux) is the latest major acquisition by Salesforce and is a no-brainer in my opinion. DMP (or Data Management Platform) has historically been viewed as a function of paid media, but as Salesforce begins to combine the power of an already incredibly powerful DMP with Einstein AI, Journey Builder (via Journey Insights), and more, I believe we’ll see DMP as a staple of any high-performing marketers’ strategy, not to mention being more accessible than ever.

We’ll see DMP as a staple of any high-performing marketers’ strategy.

Jeff VonSeldeneck, Business Development Director

The themes and topics I am always most looking forward to are the ones that concern our clients and potential clients. I’m thrilled to meet up with our non-local (and local) clients that we don’t get to see enough due to everyone’s busy schedules; sharing learnings about new aspects of the Salesforce approach. How they can benefit our current client’s results on the platform is the top priority.

Tony Kim, Business Development Director

It’s great to meet with clients in the moment they are being exposed to the new functionalities (or existing features for the first time) of the platform. It’s even more exciting to be able to speak to how it applies to their own business or use cases. With DEG traveling with a deep and diverse crew of subject matter experts with first-hand, working experience of these topics, I’m interested to see the biggest takeaways and finding out how we can relate what it means to our clients’ particular business and objectives.

Check back here next week to learn tips and tricks for maneuvering and surviving Dreamforce 2017.

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