Dreamforce 2017 is less than two weeks away, and with thousands of sessions to choose from across multiple lodges, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the options. The best plan of attack for a conference this massive and encompassing is to be prepared.

Many of our associates are seasoned Dreamforce veterans who have learned how to maneuver the ins and outs of the conference. This is the beginning of a three-part series that will provide you with all of the information you need leading up to Dreamforce 2017.

Learn more about DEG’s presence at Dreamforce 2017.

We start with the tips, lodges, and sessions that will help you get the most out of your Dreamforce 2017 experience.

Jeanette Thomas, Senior Team Leader of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Implementation

The real key to networking at Dreamforce is the follow up after the event.

I intend to get the most out of Dreamforce 2017 by focusing on one word…networking. I want to concentrate on meeting as many people as possible to learn about their area of focus and how they use Salesforce to move the needle in their organization. The real key is the follow up after the event, so make sure to get contact information from them. There will be so many people to talk to and so many things to do at Dreamforce, that many people won’t want to have lengthy conversations at the event. What’s important then is identifying who are the key individuals and connecting with them after returning home.

Travis Most, Director of Salesforce CRM Services

Dreamforce provides an incredible opportunity to fully explore the part of Salesforce you care the most about—be it a cloud like Service Cloud, an industry like retail, or a role like a business champion. It also provides a great opportunity to learn something about how a different industry is tackling similar challenges, as well as the variety of available solutions for any role.

Sometimes those solutions pull together different toolsets to solve business problems. One of the integrated, cross-functional solutions DEG is excited about is Social Customer Care. In today’s world, where consumers often go to social channels first to express themselves (including their feelings about your brand and products), customer service and social media teams must unite to deliver a cohesive customer experience and consistent customer engagement. You can learn more about Social Customer Care at one of our speaking sessions.

Consider stepping outside of your comfort zone and getting exposed to something new at Dreamforce.

To get the most out of Dreamforce, consider stepping outside of your comfort zone and getting exposed to something new! If Service Cloud is your focus, check out the Marketing Cloud Lodge. If you are a business stakeholder, talk to that Salesforce Admin. Sometimes all it takes is a different perspective to solve that business challenge we are facing.

Tony Toubia, Senior Relationship Marketing Strategist

Dreamforce boasts more than 2,700 sessions and hosts more than 170,000 guests over the course of just four days, which makes navigating the agenda…tricky to say the least. But, have no fear—this year Salesforce is using the same powerful Einstein Artificial Intelligence engine, which powers relevant product and content recommendations (among other things), to make your agenda building a cinch.

Agenda Builder and Einstein mine your Salesforce profile for interests, industry, and more to determine an ideal schedule of events tailored to you. Not only is this a substantial time saver, but it also shows how Salesforce puts its own products to work in real, practical ways.

Speaking of which, if your Salesforce profile says anything about Einstein or Artificial Intelligence, you’ll likely find it to recommend at least two pretty awesome sessions centered around just that topic, with a pretty handsome speaker (shameless plug warning):

Salesforce is using the same powerful Einstein Artificial Intelligence engine to make your agenda building a cinch.

Cara Olson, Director of Relationship Marketing

Dreamforce is filled with four days’ worth of great discussions surrounding the top trends and strategies in the marketing industry. The list of speakers is always impressive and I’m excited that DEG will be participating in 10 speaking sessions this year – from panel discussions, to 20-minute theatre-style sessions and full, 40-minute breakout sessions.

I am excited to be featured on a panel this year alongside Google, Tier1CRM and CSM Practice for a discussion centered around delivering excellent customer service. We have an entire team dedicated to supporting our clients on the Salesforce products. This is largely a reactionary line of business, but clients depend on us to be able to answer their questions accurately and in a timely manner. DEG has a partnership with Premier Partner Success (PPS) to ensure we can resolve complex problems or platform bugs quickly, to deliver on our commitment to being our clients’ highest performing and most trusted partner. Join me at this panel discussion on Wednesday 11/8 from 3-3:40 at the Park Central Hotel (aka the Partner Lodge) for a peak behind the scenes of what it takes to accommodate the unexpected.

AMC Theatres partnered with DEG nearly 18 months ago to bring innovation, creativity, and automation to its one-to-one messaging. Discover the level of uniqueness in each email from the moment you buy a ticket to the moment you leave the theatre in a session featuring Julius Lai, VP of Guest Engagement and myself at the Palace Hotel (aka the Marketing & Commerce Cloud Lodge) on Wednesday 11/8 from 1:30-1:50.

Check back here later in the week to see the Dreamforce 2017 themes we’re most excited about.

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