Even if you were one of the 150K+ attendees in San Francisco last week for Dreamforce ’16, you were most likely not able to absorb all of the innovations, new product launches, and partner solutions on display.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with the major announcements and themes from the exciting and jam-packed conference.

We began Dreamforce ’16 by winning a Salesforce Partner Innovation Award for our Marketing Cloud work for retail client Hallmark Baby.

Innovation, Customer Journeys, and Retail

A major theme of our presence at Dreamforce centered around marketing retail and the customer journey. As you probably heard, we began this Dreamforce by winning a Salesforce Partner Innovation Award for our Marketing Cloud work with retail client Hallmark Baby.

Dreamforce '16 Partner Innovation Award

It was great seeing everyone who came to talk with us in the Marketing Lodge at the Palace Hotel, who attended our session with client Crocs on making every step of the retail customer journey count (download the presentation), and who we met during one of our numerous invite-only events. We enjoyed being able to engage more personally in helping solve your marketing-related problems as one of the six sponsors of the Marketing Lodge.

From our perspective, it felt like marketing was a larger presence than in previous years, with an added convenience of having marketing sponsors and sessions under one roof in the Marketing Lodge. We saw a wide variety of organizations – from a surprising number of B2B companies to global corporations – all in need of marketing services to enhance their brands.

Remember, Marketing Cloud is more than just email. In order to connect with consumers across their customer lifecycles, you’re going to need comprehensive and consistent cross-channel strategies.

To connect with consumers across their customer lifecycles, you need consistent cross-channel strategies.

Outside of our experience, here are three main themes that were front and center this year at Dreamforce ’16.


A central theme throughout Dreamforce was the idea of being a “Customer Trailblazer.” The phrase, which was intended to motivate those using Salesforce products to innovate for their clients, was all over the conference campus: on signs, discussed during sessions, and included in Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff’s opening keynote. This trailblazing concept was at the core of much of the featured and announced Salesforce keynotes and products.


The biggest announcement from Salesforce was Einstein, the company’sArtificial Intelligence technology for CRM.

Arguably the biggest announcement from Salesforce at the conference was Benioff’s introduction of Einstein, the company’s Artificial Intelligence technology for CRM. According to Salesforce, Einstein “will be embedded within the context of business, automatically discovering relevant insights, predicting future behavior, proactively recommending best next actions and even automating tasks.”

dreamforce '16 recap einstein

Commerce Cloud

Along with Einstein, Commerce Cloud was another addition to the Salesforce ecosystem introduced by Benioff during his keynote. We discussed Commerce Cloud’s emergence –  it is the new embodiment of recently acquired Demandware – before the conference began, and while it clearly took a back seat to Einstein, Commerce Cloud is a big move by Salesforce to enter and compete for market share within the e-commerce industry, although there are still questions around how quickly it can be integrated in Salesforce.

Commerce Cloud is a big move by Salesforce to enter and compete for market share within the e-commerce industry.

Salesforce has announced that Dreamforce ’17 will take place a month later – November 6-9 – in San Francisco. We’ll see you there. In the meantime, we’re hosting a social media and advertising strategic workshop in Denver next week, and of course we’ll have a major presence at Connections 2017 June 13-15 in Chicago.

Let us know how we can help you capture every step of your customers’ journey as one of the only Salesforce partners certified in both CRM and Marketing Cloud.

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