The handiwork of the DEG’s SharePoint team was front and center in California at one of the largest conferences held this year for the Microsoft product.

After successfully designing, building, testing and deploying Hallmark’s Retail Connect project, Hallmark’s own Sindie Henson-Pugsley presented the work on the national stage. Henson-Pugsley’s presentation delved into the various custom features and overall skill exhibited by the completed project, effectively showcasing the capabilities of SharePoint and the DEG team.

Included in the presentation were the benefits Hallmark received as a product of working with DEG. Henson-Pugsley mentioned the effective project management and DEG’s use of project phases, which allowed for the quick delivery of the finished project. The presentation put DEG’s SharePoint capabilities on the map.

To get the full effect, watch Henson-Pugsley’s SharePoint Conference 2011 presentation.

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