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DEG, specializing in smarter digital marketing, commerce, and collaboration strategies, has been called one of “25 Companies That Are Changing The World” by Inc. Magazine. The 25 companies were divided into five categories: technology, marketing, social impact, design, and culture, with DEG awarded for its entrepreneur-led cultural approach.

The Inc. list credits companies that are committed to finding a new and better way to create and produce in their industries. DEG embodies the intrapreneur concept, allowing its employees to not only pitch ideas, but to have the power and resources to follow them through.

“We don’t follow the normal corporate ladder approach,” said Neal Sharma, CEO of DEG. “Our employees not only move up, but sometimes laterally and into newly developed areas. We believe if an employee creates this great idea, they are tasked with making it a reality, but they are doing so from within the comfort of DEG’s support.”

About DEG

DEG is a full-service digital consultancy creating smart digital marketing, commerce, and collaboration strategies that empower organizations to amplify their competitive advantages and achieve their objectives. DEG’s expertise in targeted digital direct marketing and eCRM, integrated e-commerce, social media, enterprise collaboration, web content management, analytics, and mobile development drives success for brands like AEG/AXS, Hallmark, Helzberg Diamonds, Cabela’s, Purina, Timberland, and many others. DEG can be found online at, and on Twitter at @DEGdigital.

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