Salesforce’s Connections 2019 conference is sure to include networking opportunities galore, along with exciting updates and announcements about marketing, social, customer service, commerce, and Salesforce products themselves. With industry experts and thought leaders coming to Chicago for this insights-packed, three-day event, you’re sure to get some insider information on what to expect and lean into this year with your brand.

Experiences Made for Every Moment at Connections 2019

We asked some of our experts what questions they’re excited to learn the answers to, the trending industry topics they think will be discussed most at Connections, and what Salesforce announcements may be made.

Our experts’ most pressing questions

Brent Walter, senior relationship marketing strategist

What is the future of Marketing Cloud’s Einstein features at scale?

As the Einstein features—engagement frequency, engagement segments, sent-time optimization—continue to roll out, I’d like to hear how Salesforce plans to avail the products in an actionable fashion for users of all sizes and volumes.

Tony Toubia, strategic planning director

As we rapidly approach a GDPR-esque environment in the U.S. with the launch of CCPA in 2020—coupled with advancements in ad blocking and user-tracking limitations such as Apple’s ITP2.1—what is Salesforce’s future-proof vision for identity management between Audience Studio data management platform (DMP) and its impending customer data platform (CDP)?

Marketers need to be able to scale their first-party data assets in new and innovative ways while remaining compliant with privacy regulations and intelligent tracking prevention. I’m excited to learn and discuss how we can use Salesforce clouds to maximize marketing while adjusting to the ever-changing privacy landscape.

Jenn Horner, senior relationship marketing strategist

How does Salesforce foresee its platforms—specifically Marketing Cloud and Audience Studio DMP—competing in a world full of CDPs? As it looks to launch a CDP, what is Salesforce doing to ensure a tight integration among all of its clouds with that platform?

Quinn Sheek, director of demand generation

How/when will Datorama, the data visualization platform now under Salesforce, connect to the rest of the Salesforce platforms, like Marketing Cloud and Audience Studio DMP?

Sara Asic, director of solution strategy

What is the long-term, multi-cloud strategy and how can we make it easier for brands to integrate multiple clouds?

Greg Gifford, senior Salesforce Marketing Cloud engineer, Salesforce MVP

What is the best one-stop-shop resource to get answers on technical questions/issues straight from Salesforce?

For example, SOAP API has multiple undocumented objects that are able to be used—and some of the ones that are documents aren’t actually functioning correctly. The Salesforce Marketing Cloud development community is advancing and growing. Having gaps in documentation, capabilities, etc. is having a major impact now as most people go directly to a peer group (e.g. StackExchange) for answers rather than actually researching it themselves.

Trending topics in the industry to be discussed

Tony Toubia

As the trend continues to move toward building ownable first-party data assets for brands from B2B to ecommerce to CPG alike, I’m keenly interested in Salesforce’s CDP announcement. It’s meant to bridge the operational marketing profiles available with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the addressable universe available within Audience Studio DMP, which will be huge.

Jenn Horner

How brands are bracing for changes to privacy policies and data security in the US following GDPR last year, and with CCPA coming soon in California.

Sara Asic

I would like to hear more about the pagemaker feature currently in beta. I’d also like to hear about the roadmap for making content management more integrated into the Commerce Cloud platform and more seamless for brands to execute their content strategy while growing commerce.

Greg Gifford

I’m most excited to discuss advancements in custom integration and platform automations for developers to help provide a more real-time stream of content/data for users.

Salesforce announcement predictions

Brent Walter

I’d like to hear more about—and suspect Salesforce will talk quite a bit about—Customer 360. We’ve had a taste of it for some time in Marketing Cloud with Contact Builder, and now that more systems and products continue to be added to the Salesforce ecosystem, the need for a central unification of platform records is bigger than ever. I’d like to learn about the product roadmap, specifically when it will be available and what it is capable of in its first iteration.

Tony Toubia

Salesforce’s CDP will likely take top billing, but expect significant announcements surrounding integrations of some of the more recently acquired products with some of the old-guard products. I’m thinking Datorama and Salesforce Marketing Cloud integrations or Interaction Studio and Audience Studio DMP.

Jenn Horner

The further expansion of Einstein capabilities with Marketing Cloud. I’d also like to know more about a deeper integration between Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud.

Quinn Sheek

I’m interested in hearing more about Datorama and the future of the CDP platform within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Sara Asic

AI. It’s the future and I’m looking to Salesforce to blaze a trail here.

Greg Gifford

Likely, we’ll hear something related to Einstein updates to help create more 1:1 unique customer journeys based on the inferred and exclaimed customer preferences. I’m expecting a similar announcement to the Einstein STO update in June release notes, but bigger.

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