Fuse for Collaborative CommunitiesWhat did the Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, MSN Money, and Yahoo! Finance all have in common this week?

All were touting a new partnership between DEG and Irvine, CA-based Neudesic to offer a social collaboration product for DEG’s portals.

Fuse Portal Solutions will offer a number of features, including an interactive message center, role-based content delivery, and responsive design. The product will also be configured to fit an industry’s specific needs ­— SalesFuse for companies heavy in sales, RetailFuse for stores and franchisees, and so on.

Fuse will integrate into DEG’s SharePoint–based web portals, allowing users to communicate easily within their working environment and creating private, secure communities.

‘”We are truly excited to work with DEG,” Ramin Vosough, Neudesic’s Vice President of Product Sales and Marketing, said in a release. “Our shared vision and expertise around enterprise collaboration make us ideal partners to bridge the communication gap between organizations and their partner and customer communities.”

To learn more about Fuse Portal Solutions, click here.

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