This summer, DEG was lucky enough to have an outstanding group of interns join different teams for a three-month internship program.

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As one of the many former interns at DEG, I realized early on how important people are to an organization, how the expression “work hard, play hard” can be applied, and how working with experts and getting real world experience is vital to the professional development of someone about to begin their career. From caring mentors to real-world problem solving, DEG has made a tremendous effort to improve the program each year and involve each person in the different areas in which they would like to specialize. And it has paid off. A handful of DEG associates, including myself, started in their shoes, moved into full-time positions, and are still with the agency today.

Below, some of our interns from this summer describe their experiences and opinions.

DEG 2017 internship class

Pictured L-R: Ethan Saladin, Sydney Jones, Keely Hutchinson, Jaspreet Kaur, and  Zach Ruschill. Not pictured: Zach Atkins.

Ethan Saladin, Accounting

My summer internship at DEG was everything I could’ve hoped for and more. I had the pleasure of interning in the accounting/finance department, and from day one I felt as if I was being welcomed into a family with open arms and warm smiles. Going into my internship, I was somewhat unsure of what to expect, as I had never experienced working in a corporate environment, but my nerves were quickly settled by the friendly faces of the caring and thoughtful people here at DEG.

I consider myself fortunate and feel I have been spoiled by my first taste of the real world thanks to my time here.

I consider myself fortunate and feel I have been spoiled by my first taste of the real world thanks to my time here over the summer. You will not find a closer group of people or anywhere that cares about its employees more than DEG does, and that I am sure of. I could not have asked for a better summer internship experience. I am proud to call my fellow DEGers my friends and cannot thank everyone here enough for making me feel at home.

Zach Atkins, Engineering

My time at DEG likely differs from that of other interns this summer. Joining the team late—starting at the beginning of July—I was relatively removed from the standard internship path. To me, this presented both challenges and opportunities for rapid learning and integration into this new role.

One of the most immediate challenges I encountered was the difficulty of maintaining a balance between multiple projects and tasks. While I have had to deal with competing priorities in the past, its presence in a workplace environment was somewhat new to me. However, after some minor stumbling, I feel that I gained a firm handle on this prioritization, and those skills will certainly aid me countless times in the future. In my view, the most vital assistance on this load‐balancing came through various mentors with whom I could discuss my various commitments and priorities.

I gained a firm handle on this prioritization, and those skills will certainly aid me countless times in the future.

The second, and likely more intimidating, challenge came in the form of rapid exposure and immersion in new software-developing environments and languages. As a relatively young intern, I had not been exposed to many of the common enterprise environments, such as .NET or Salesforce. However, through the assistance of my mentors, I feel I advanced quickly, picking up new skills and knowledge through the process. This is epitomized in what I would consider my largest accomplishment of my internship: building and helping to integrate an image-to-PDF conversion component for one of the projects with which I was involved. This project taught me the most about the totality of the development process, as I was involved throughout every step of the process.

I found my time at DEG to be an extremely rewarding experience. I would be remiss if I were to omit the stellar atmosphere and camaraderie present in this company. From my very first day, I found working here to be genuinely enjoyable, and I looked forward to the time I spent here. I feel as though that is a reflection of a truly caring and hard-working group of people throughout this company, and for that I thank them.

Jaspreet Kaur, Network Services

My time at DEG has been a very fun and informative experience. One of the most important things I learned here is that you can make a job fun and do good work at the same time. The atmosphere here is very calm, organized, and it pushes you to produce good work. I had a wonderful time meeting, learning, and working with all these amazing people. Everyone was always very helpful.

I interned in the Network Services department here, which has helped me learn more about what they do and what kind of career paths I could pursue in the future after graduation. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to intern at DEG and produce work in a fun, fast, and friendly environment. 

Sydney Jones, Demand Generation

The DEG internship has been the most educational, motivating, inspiring experience. Being the only college graduate was kind of an intimidating, and humbling, challenge. This opportunity allowed me to know exactly what path I wanted to truly pursue as a career. I got to join the incredibly talented Demand Generation team. This team has been the most supportive and patient group of people I have ever met. They took the time to teach, listen, and answer any questions I had. As I have met more people, I have found that whole culture at DEG is one that supports growth, innovation, and change. These elements are crucial when it comes to business.

Learning both the paid media and SEO aspects to advertising allowed me to learn two different sides of the spectrum when it comes to the industry. They both have shifted my mind to think very detailed, strategically, and holistically. I was able to gain two Google certifications, optimize campaigns, make my own recommendations for clients, the list goes on and on. The hands-on experience has been priceless, and allowed me to gain incredible training from the experts themselves.

The hands-on experience has been priceless, and allowed me to gain incredible expert training.

As the internship ends, it is very sad to have to end the experience. But I am happy to say I will be continuing on as Demand Generation Coordinator at DEG. This company has given me not only the incredible skill set to be successful in this field, but also a position to show my talents. I am forever grateful.

Keely Hutchinson, Operations/Engineering

I worked with the admin and operations departments, along with engineering. With the admin and operations departments, I helped by filling in at the front desk as needed, and tackling some research projects. In the engineering department, which was my main focus for this internship, I ended up working on a couple different parts of two projects. The first project I was asked to work on was with the QA team, where I ran through test cases to test the functionality of the website, and submitted tickets for the problems. After this, I was asked to run through some browser and device testing to ensure that the website was functional and able to be viewed and navigated with various browsers and devices.

After this was done I was picked up to work on some Salesforce metadata migration, which included writing test scripts for client-side testing. Overall, I was very impressed with the workplace environment here at DEG, it’s completely unlike any other corporate setting that I’ve ever experienced, and it seems to be made that way by the people. Everyone knows and understands the core values of their company and works to promote them in everything they do. Over my summer here, I’ve made a lot of connections and I’ve gained valuable experience being in an office environment, and knowledge of how an agency works.

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