Are you planning to go direct to consumer, but aren’t quite sure where to start? Need to learn best practices for building an effective direct to consumer program? Curious to know what winning strategies can make yours the most successful?

Whether you’re establishing your first direct-to-consumer ecommerce channel or looking to get even more value out of your existing D2C strategies, our free ebook will give you actionable next steps for developing and implementing the right ecommerce strategies for your business.

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The Benefits of Building a D2C Strategy

There are many benefits in building a direct-to-consumer channel—you gain more control over your brand, have less reliance on third-party retailers, and have the ability to expand sales opportunities. One obvious benefit of a D2C channel is that it provides direct access to your customer.

Not only will selling straight to the end users allow you to build an ongoing brand relationship, it also enables you to gather invaluable consumer insights. Owning customer data means that your brand can meet customers where they are in their shopping journey with personalized and contextually relevant content, and personalized shopping experiences make customers happy and drive more sales. 

Avoiding Channel Conflicts

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In order to reap the benefits that D2C offers, there are several potential conflicts to consider and maneuver around. If your brand is considering going direct-to-consumer, it means you currently work with distribution partners to reach your customers.

Establishing an ecommerce site and selling straight to the end user can set you up in direct competition with the retail partners currently selling your product or service. You will need to navigate management of your ecommerce site carefully, ensuring that any promotions or special pricing that you run don’t jeopardize the deals you have in place with retail partners. Understanding your limitations and determining whether there are creative ways around those challenges will be critical to think through before you move forward with your own branded ecommerce site.

Find the Right Strategy

To get actionable steps for developing and implementing a winning D2C strategy for your business, download our free ebook Building Your Direct to Consumer Ecommerce StrategyWe’ve also included expert tips for avoiding channel conflict, cross-channel customer engagement strategies, and a handy checklist to help you get started. 

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