The Super Bowl is a social media playground where some of a brand’s best content comes to life in the middle of a digital marketing hurricane. With TV ad prices skyrocketing (reportedly $4.5 million for a 30-second ad), a lot of brands are turning to content specific plays on social media to make their mark. Brands like Newcastle, Oreo, Esurance, and others are spending less in traditional advertising and paying more attention to their social media advocates during a high traffic time on their platforms.


Channel specific content is important. Your audience will most likely be different depending on which channel you plan on using. For example, Twitter is the most popular channel to receive instant news. For those brands who want to be a part of the conversation the second the action happens, be prepared to engage your users at light speed.

If you’re a more visual brand that values the comments of your users, Facebook and Instagram can be strong channels for more gradual content plays that lead up to the big game and extend through the trophy presentation. Looking to post video in the hopes of hitting the viral jackpot with a captive audience? Look no further than Vine or YouTube.

Regardless of your approach, a well-thought-out social media campaign can help give your brand the exposure that you crave without breaking the bank.

The “We didn’t spend $4.5 million, but still want to have an impact” Campaign

In recent years, brands have started to shift in the way that they portray themselves by not spending TV ad money during the Super Bowl. A prime example of this is Newcastle. This year, Newcastle is trying a new concept: The Band of Brands. The goal is to build a conglomerate of brands (and marketing budgets) to make big game advertising a team sport. The result? Amazing exposure and many laughs.


Social Media Game Day Community Management 

To be effective on game day, be prepared. There are a few key components that your brand should take into account when engaging fans and other brands on game day.

  • In-game situations
    Be sure to have content prepared for a myriad of in-game situations like fumbles, field goals, touchdowns, botched instant replays, and more. This will help your brand stay in the game in your fans’ eyes.
  • Out-of-game situations
    There’s a lot of crazy scenarios that can happen on Super Bowl game day. Be prepared for anything from streakers on the field, to the lights going out (looking at you, New Orleans), to technical difficulties.
  • Halftime entertainment
    Grading the halftime performance and adding witty, branded commentary to the show is likely to be more entertaining than the show itself.
  • Reactions to commercials
    Most of the Super Bowl commercials have been released, so prepare your brand to make some content surrounding these ads. You audience will be fully invested in doing so.
  • Interactions with fans
    Last, but CERTAINLY not least, be conversational with your fans. Don’t be afraid to talk about the game, that terrible referee, or anything else. Your fans are your fans for a reason – talk to them.

The classic case of being prepared and winning the Super Bowl was Oreo two years ago. They broke the internet by tweeting this witty graphic right after the lights went out during the game. Having some sample copy written will improve your chances of being on the ball (pun intended) when the big moment arrives.


New Branded Content

Your brand produces content all year and because of that, it’s easy to get into a comfortable rhythm. The Super Bowl gives you a chance to think outside the box and show a side of your brand that will make an impact. We’ve all seen Pepsi ads before, but what I like about this ad is that they show a bit of a new side of their brand while tying the ad into football. The most memorable branded content pieces are those that take your brand out of its normal role. Don’t be afraid to take a calculated risk – it could be worth the added exposure!


Crowd Sourcing Your Campaign

With a crowd-sourced campaign, your team doesn’t have to create every piece of content during this busy marketing time. Doritos has crowd-sourced their Super Bowl campaign for the last two years to great effect. This year, the mega chip brand is encouraging fans to record their own 30-second commercial for a chance to win big and have their commercial featured. Doritos manages the campaign and has a lot of good press along the way which is a big win in my book!

There are a lot of ways that you can be involved in the hoopla around the Super Bowl, but it’s important to have a solid plan and the right people to execute it. If you’re plan is half-baked, it might be best for you to sit on the bench for this one.

Which social media tactics are you going to use for the big game this year?

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