Back in September while attending ExactTarget’s Connections, I joined a lively brunch with some of Wistia’s clients and Wista’s team members, including Wistia’s Co-founder and CEO, Chris Savage. If you are not familiar, Wistia is a video hosting service geared to businesses.

Wistia video hosting for Pardot

During the conversation, Chris conveyed a profound, insightful idea: marketing departments have team members (perhaps one team member wearing multiple hats) who specialize in email, search engine optimization, social media, etc; he believes in the near future, a video marketer will also be the norm in marketing departments.

I agree with this idea. Recording videos is no longer a lofty specialty. As proof, Wistia has awesome tutorials on creating a conference room studio and setting up lighting.

I am always happy to affirm that DEG practices what we preach. Our marketing department hosts videos on Wisita, including my department’s ExactTarget trainings. We have had a lot of success with these training videos, but I feel they could be enhanced: they are dry and lack a humanizing touch. I’m working on correcting this, so expect changes soon!

Wistia has been a great for hosting DEG’s videos, but the real utility has come with integrating Wistia with our marketing automation tool, Pardot. With this integration, we have insight into the videos our prospects are viewing and how long they are watching them. Additionally, we are able to collect email addresses through Wistia videos and write them to Pardot—I’ve spoken about this in another post.

As one of five official Pardot Implementation Partners, it’s my goal to help other businesses utilize Pardot’s Wistia Connector. The Connector works with any Pardot edition (Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise) and Wistia currently offers complimentary hosting for up to twenty five videos – so you have no excuses not to give it a try.

I’ve created an instructional, tutorial deck that you can have open as you configure the integration. Below is the SlideShare deck or you can download it.

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