At the end of July, I spoke at the Digital Summit in Kansas City and presented on this topic, Closing the Empathy Gap: Six Ways to Develop Better Consumer Insights. As marketers, the empathy gap is all around us. It’s the distance between our assumptions about our customers, and how those customers really think, feel, and act. And, counterintuitively, the explosion of big data in marketing has widened this gap.

Close the empathy gap–the distance between marketers assumptions of customers and how they really feel.

John discussing the empathy gap at Digital Summit Kansas City.

The presentation focused on ways to better empathize with people – real people, not fictional personas – in an era of big data. I talked about some of the forces at play contributing to the empathy gap, and then I introduced an “empathy stack” of tools and techniques to deploy in your everyday work.

Don’t get stuck in the empathy gap. Learn how to get the most out of your data.

See below for my entire presentation—or click to view in Slideshare—including the slides of my presentation, as well as my presenter notes.

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