It used to be a hassle to fix a link that needed to be changed in an email that had already deployed. What used to take upwards of 30 minutes and a call to Salesforce Marketing Cloud support can now easily be done from within the SFMC platform by users with Administrator of Content Creator roles.

One of the most exciting and practical updates to the Marketing Cloud in the June 2015 release, which greatly enhances user experience, is the ability to update job links.

Here’s how:

1) Within the Email channel of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, navigate to the Tracking tab. Find the JobID for the send you would like to edit and click into the tracking report. In order to update links, the job itself must be complete or cancelled.

2) Within the tracking report, click on the Job Links tab. This will take you to a page showing the URL IDs and URLs within your email. Click on the URL ID for the link you would like to update. Note: If your email contains the same link in multiple places, there will only be one URL ID.


3) Next, you can update the URL as needed. The Preview section will show you the full URL. Users can also add parameters, if necessary. The platform will automatically add ?, =, and & in the parameter string where needed.

If your account is using the Web Analytics Connector, the URL parameters originally passed through will appear in this section. You can edit the parameters attached, even if they were applied via with Web Analytics Connector.

4) When you have updated the URL and parameters, click “Save.” SFMC will ask you to confirm your change.

5) After you confirm, the link update will be almost instantaneous, however, some subscribers may need to refresh the email or browser for the change to take place.


The update will only occur for the JobID you edit. The original email will not be updated. Additionally, if an update needs to occur for an email associated with a triggered send or automation, the send and/or automation must be paused and restarted in order for the change to take effect.

What We Love:

Overall, this is a great addition to the platform. The ability to edit links post-send – including the ability to add and update URL parameters – could be an email live-saver. You never want to be in a situation where a link in an email doesn’t work, but this update allows users to update themselves instead of calling support. This could also be valuable when a link technically works, but maybe the link has become a redirect, thereby erasing the attached analytic parameters. This feature will allow users to update the URL to the redirected URL in order to keep the analytic parameters intact. Additionally, the ability to easily update URL parameters in the event of a misspelled word is key.

The ability to update URLs also works with static and dynamic content – including links that are brought into emails via AMPscript. However, links in emails that come from AMPscript functions can only be updated to be singular, static links.

Opportunities For Improvement:

The current design can be somewhat dizzying when users have to read the entire URL. In emails with many links, there’s no true identifying factor of which link is which. The URL ID isn’t beneficial for most users. There is also no other place within the Tracking tab to match up the URL ID. The feature could be improved by adding the URL ID to links with the “Click Activity” tab of the Tracking report. Another option would be to add a column on the Job Links page called “Link Name” if the email contained alias tags.

For more information about updating links within deployed emails, you can also learn more on

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  • Julie


    4 years
    Hello, What about personalization? Could I make a change to anything with %% after an email is sent as it is connected to a list or Data extension?
  • prasad


    3 years
    Iam not able to see above mentioned procedure for journey builder sends. Is there any other option to follow for journey builder sends? Can you please let us know