Category #Trends March 26, 2014

Gmail testing a more visual way to view email

Last year, when Gmail rolled out a new way of organizing email via tabs, it certainly grabbed the attention of marketers. Whether you were a marketer that loved or hated the tabs feature, most could agree that of the three tabs primarily used, (Primary, Social and Promotions) Promotions was…

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Category #Trends February 26, 2014

Gmail’s New Unsubscribe Button

There has been a lot of chatter in the last few days about the rollout of an Unsubscribe button near the sender name in the Gmail inbox. The goal of this rollout, according to the Gmail team, is to reduce the frequency with which people are reporting spam because…

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Category #Trends October 16, 2013

Omnichannel Gets Real at 2013

The halls at’s 2013 Annual Summit in Chicago were buzzing with big retailers talking about “Big Data.” While the topic has been on everyone’s lips for years, this time it felt like the discussion had evolved. No longer was the talk around how to get it, but…

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Category #Trends May 31, 2013

What Gmail’s New Inbox Means to Marketers

“The new inbox organizes email into five optional tabs: primary, social, promotions, updates and forums. These categories make it easy to read messages of the same type all at once, and keep track of your mail.” – Google   Google has done what each of us has always wanted…

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