Category #Trends July 2, 2015

How MLB Underestimated Online Fans During All-Star Voting

“Welcome to the Modern World” greets visitors on’s All-Star Game voting page, an irony that is becoming painfully clear for an organization that has underestimated some fans’ ability to optimize online content and social media to their own advantage, with staggering results. This year voting is being offered exclusively…

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Category #Trends June 25, 2015

Connections 2015: New City, New Feel, Bigger Impact

Fourteen of my DEG coworkers and I recently returned from the Salesforce Connections and World Tour in New York last week. We had planned a hashtag for #DEGinNYC and almost had to change it to #DEGnotInNYC because of all of the travel challenges getting to LaGuardia, which was suffering from…

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June 11, 2015

Top 10 B2B Ecommerce Takeaways from IRCE

I was recently at IRCE 2015 in Chicago and had the opportunity to attend the B2B Ecommerce Workshop prior to the conference. These top 10 themes resonated through the sessions and are concepts that are imperative for B2B companies to be successful in ecommerce today.

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Category #Trends June 4, 2015

What We’re Reading in June 2015

Our associates have been able to change the world for our clients by always striving to learn more. This includes reading books, blogs, articles, and anything we can get our hands on in order to become better at our work. Here’s a look at what we’re reading right now at…

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Category #Trends April 14, 2015

How To Effectively Talk To Others About Technology

Are you the designated technology buff in your organization? Like some people might crave a new smartphone, you crave a brand new CMS. Or an upgraded database. Maybe even an alternative email campaign solution. You’ve investigated the platform. You’ve done all your research. Bright. Shiny. Want! ( Except……

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