Category #Strategy March 1, 2019

How Social Commerce is Changing the Retail Game

Retail is changing to meet customers where they are: not only in stores, but online, on the go, and on their mobile devices. More than ever, social media is influencing purchase decisions—through user-generated content, social influencers, ratings and reviews, data-driven advertising, and increasing native purchases on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube,…

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Category #Trends February 21, 2019

Is Google Trying to Kill URLs?

Another day, another crazy Google update. While Google (and the many product teams that make up everything that falls under the jurisdiction of “Google”) are always tweaking, testing, updating, and changing things; this particular update may drastically change the way people look at the internet. “Alexa, How Can…

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Category #Trends February 5, 2019

2019 Super Bowl Ads That Stood Out

Every year, Americans sit down to watch the big game and advertisers sit down to critique the advertisements accompanying it—both on TV and online. This year’s Super Bowl game turned out a little unexpectedly in terms of touchdowns and the ads we saw, but unfortunately not the winner (yes, we’re…

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Category #Trends January 22, 2019

Augmented Reality: A Way to Change Your World

Editor’s note: This article was co-written by DEG UI Engineer Anna Scheuler. In July 2016, the software development company Niantic released the long-awaited mobile game, Pokémon GO. This mobile game uses characters from a world-renowned franchise (started in 1996), but with a new twist. In this game, players are placed…

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Category #Strategy January 3, 2019

How to Capitalize on New Martech and More Data in 2019

To many marketers, 2007 is known as “the year that changed marketing technology forever.” Since that year, the amount of martech has been increasing exponentially with new platforms for event management, social media analytics, sales automation, and ecommerce services. Each technology introduction brings with it more data that can be…

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