Category #Trends October 25, 2016

Three Reasons Pokémon GO Will Have a Long Shelf Life

In the hours after Pokémon GO’s launch, it was an instant hit with millennials whose childhood dreams were now coming true. Real (virtual) life Pokémon! The memories of my oldest son, now 19, being totally engrossed in Pokémon came flooding back. It was his favorite T.V. show, card trading/playing game,…

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Category #Trends August 25, 2016

Microsoft WPC Pt. 1: A New Golden Age in Technology

In January 2008, Nicholas Carr released The Big Switch, which draws parallels between the revolutionary impact of the electric grid in the 19th century and the emergence of cloud computing as a new type of utility reshaping our modern world. “Computing is turning into a utility,” Carr writes, “and once…

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