Category #Trends April 21, 2020

The Current COVID-19 State of Commerce

When I was getting my MBA, we played a game designed to show the impact of the speed of communication and decision-making on the supply chain of a fictional company. It was one of my favorite exercises because it was fascinating to see how small changes at both sides of…

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Category #Trends April 16, 2020

Magento Commerce Updates from Adobe Summit 2020

This article was cowritten with DEG Senior Magento Business Analyst Mason Poelker. Headless Architecture: Moving Digital Experiences Forward This year’s Adobe Summit looked a bit different than normal as the COVID-19 pandemic caused it to shift to a virtual event that involved a set of on-demand videos…

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Category #Trends April 14, 2020

The COVID-19 Effect on Content Production for Brands

In an era of filters, stickers, and “Insta-perfect” content capture, COVID-19 has exposed a new world for content creators: the realness of reality. Adjusting Creative Content Strategies in Response to COVID-19 The new reality of video Yes, you can certainly change your background on Zoom and “enhance”…

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Category #Trends April 7, 2020

4 Trends Shaping Social Media During COVID-19

Like most industries, social media marketing has seen significant changes over the past few weeks as our country adjusts and responds to the global pandemic of coronavirus. As one of the primary sources used by networks, brands, celebrities, and everyone at home to share updates and changes, social media is…

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Category #Trends March 19, 2020

How Brands Should Communicate About COVID-19

While everyone adjusts to the new normal of everyday health updates and recommendations, and social distancing, businesses are working through drastic changes to their operations and communications with customers. Striking the Right Balance in COVID-19 Email Communications To best respond to the situation, we’re offering some insight…

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