A recap of Magento Imagine 2019 global commerce conference by DEG Magento 2 experts.
Category #Trends May 20, 2019

Magento Imagine 2019 Conference Recap

Magento hosted its annual Imagine global commerce conference last week in Las Vegas, bringing in more than 3,500 ecommerce industry leaders, merchants, retailers, agencies, and developers. How to Migrate Code from Magento 1 Stores to Magento 2 Several DEG Magento 2 experts attended this year’s conference, and…

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Category #Trends May 7, 2019

Topics and Themes to Watch at Magento Imagine 2019

Next week, more than 3,000 of the top ecommerce specialists in the country will arrive in Las Vegas for the Magento Imagine 2019 conference. It’s a three-day event featuring keynotes, subject matter experts, and brands who are innovating the ecommerce experience. 2019 Adobe Summit Recap: Updates You…

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Category #Trends May 2, 2019

4 Common Questions on Smart Speakers

We’re months away from 2020—the year that consumer adoption of voice search and smart speakers will hit a tipping point. This change in behavior is also changing the way brands are thinking about interacting with their customers. Oh Snap, What’s the Story on Social? Here are…

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Category #Trends April 23, 2019

Oh Snap, What’s the Story on Social?

Social media changes every day—and last week particularly stood out from our perspective as something to recap for everyone. I’ve gathered several updates I thought relevant to not only our clients at DEG, but all social media marketers and strategists. Social News: Instagram’s New Checkout Functionality 3…

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Category #Trends April 4, 2019

Why Native Advertising is Important

Native advertising benefits brands that need to infuse more authenticity into their media. It showcases a business’ thought leadership and relevance to consumers without disrupting their experience on any platform (i.e. social media, Amazon, apps). Through better targeting and personalization technology, native advertising brings brands and people together in a…

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Category #Strategy March 1, 2019

How Social Commerce is Changing the Retail Game

Retail is changing to meet customers where they are: not only in stores, but online, on the go, and on their mobile devices. More than ever, social media is influencing purchase decisions—through user-generated content, social influencers, ratings and reviews, data-driven advertising, and increasing native purchases on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube,…

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