Category #Trends October 1, 2020

4 Benefits of Good Digital Customer Experiences

At what felt like the snap of a finger, the brick-and-mortar store, and its benefits, were gone and ecommerce was the only option for consumers to engage with many of their favorite brands. Digital experiences will continue to be a primary focus, not just for consumers but also for brands…

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Learn about the data privacy regulations CCPA and CPRA, and their effect beyond California.
Category #Trends August 20, 2020

What Is the CPRA vs the CCPA? And Why Does It Matter?

July 1 marked the official start to legal enforcement of CCPA, the California Consumer Privacy Act. Voted into law by the California legislature, the CCPA has national implications as it became the first major privacy law giving consumers in the United States control over their personal information, closely aligning with…

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Discover the importance of social customer care in your 1:1 brand-customer engagements.
Category #Trends August 11, 2020

Why Social Customer Service? And Why Now?

Social media has become the go-to channel to interact—both positively and negatively—with brands. In fact, according to Social Media Today,  67% of customers use social media to resolve issues with brands. Why You Should Optimize Your Instagram for Business Account But social customer service isn’t…

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