Category #Strategy February 19, 2019

Social Updates: Interest Targeting and LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn is finally giving users the things they’ve been wanting. The professional connection platform recently announced it would be rolling out two huge updates to the channel—LinkedIn Live and Interest Targeting. Paid Social: Boosted Post or Facebook Ad? While its competitors have had some form of each…

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Category #Strategy February 14, 2019

Paid Social: Boosted Post or Facebook Ad?

Boosted posts and Facebook ads are both integral for a brand’s paid social strategy in Facebook. There is a time and place where both can be beneficial to achieving the goals of a business. However, knowing which one to use depends on the overall goal of the post and what…

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Category #Strategy February 12, 2019

The Personalization and Trust Conundrum

With so many options for products and services in our marketplace today, brands need to consider the wants and needs of its customers in order to stand out above the crowds. That’s where trust comes in. It’s a critical component in turning a prospect into a customer and, ultimately, an…

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Category #Strategy February 1, 2019

Anatomy of a Great Super Bowl Spot

Well, it’s that time of the year again. The time when, for four hours, Americans’ eyes turn not only to the big game, but to the television commercials that play between the plays (heretofore referred to as a “spot” or “spots”). In other words, the glorious 1/6th of one day…

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