Category #Strategy August 21, 2019

Building Your Loyalty Program

In my previous loyalty blog post, we covered why customers are loyal to a brand. Now, we’re diving into how to build a meaningful loyalty program that amplifies your brand and builds long-lasting relationships with your customers to drive business outcomes. Part 1: Building Loyalty for…

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Category #Strategy August 15, 2019

Building Loyalty for Your Brand

Loyalty isn’t a new concept, and neither are loyalty programs. Historically, marketers have built loyalty programs around the few data points they had access to—primarily transaction data. What this means is that loyalty programs were singularly focused on building up to a single purchase event. Genius Ideas: DRI…

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Category #Strategy August 13, 2019

Genius Ideas: DRI DUCK Work TV Campaign

Who knew working in construction could be as exciting as a sports game? After some research, we did. Creative Analytics, Part 1: Where to Begin DRI DUCK, a traditionally B2B outdoor clothing and apparel retailer, teamed up with DEG, Linked by Isobar to create a long-term B2C…

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Category #Strategy August 8, 2019

Creative Analytics, Part 1: Where to Begin

Editor’s note: This article is part one of a multi-part series co-written by DEG Creative Special Projects Manager Maril Hazlett. Right brain versus left brain. Facts versus emotion, analysis versus creativity, and ugh. Haven’t we all had enough of this old-school, polarized, either/or thinking? 3 Ways AI Impacts…

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Category #Strategy June 4, 2019

Experiences Made for Every Moment at Connections 2019

As the premier event for digital marketing, commerce, and service providers, Salesforce’s Connections 2019 will be a memorable conference filled with expert insights, thought leadership, and networking. And it’s one conference we at DEG, Linked by Isobar look forward to every year. What DEG Experts Are Most Excited…

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