Category #Strategy March 24, 2020

Using Postman to Deliver Increased API Efficiency

The trend of API-driven architecture has allowed for more seamless integrations between platforms and service providers. It also means a heavy reliance on technical resources for quality assurance (QA) and platform configuration. How Brands Should Communicate About COVID-19 To alleviate this, third-party tools like Postman can…

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Category #Strategy February 25, 2020

Direct-to-Consumer Best Practices

In our first direct-to-consumer strategy blog, we explored the common trends we’re seeing as consumers shift their purchasing habits and buy more online. Now, let’s consider a few best practices for adopting a DTC strategy for your business. Personalization at Scale: Easier Said Than Done There is…

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Category #Strategy February 4, 2020

Personalization at Scale: Easier Said Than Done

As we began exploring in our last personalization blog, customer experiences are changing the way brands interact with consumers. Our Guide to Personalization Activation in 2020 The truth is that activating a truly personalized, cross-channel experience has its obstacles to overcome. Here are some common challenges…

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Category #Strategy January 28, 2020

Our Guide to Personalization Activation in 2020

Changes to customer expectations and the advent of new technologies have brought personalization to the forefront of the customer experience. As a result, delivering personalized experiences is no longer optional. Your customers expect it and will look elsewhere if you can’t provide it. The Biggest Challenges DTC Brands…

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Category #Strategy January 2, 2020

The Biggest Challenges DTC Brands Are Facing

Direct-to-consumer brands are paving a clear path for themselves utilizing the advantages and strategies discussed in the previous DTC blog. But those paths to success also come with their share of challenges for DTC brands to navigate around. Download our Direct-to-Consumer Trend Report 1. An investment…

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