Black female holds wooden-encased smartphone, opening branded email delivered with optimized inbox placement
Category #Strategy March 2, 2021

4 Ways to Improve Inbox Placement

If you suspect you may have an inbox-placement issue, there are several steps you can take to confirm your messages make it into your subscribers’ inboxes. Here are some best practices. Download the 4 Ways to Improve Inbox Placement ebook 1. Ensure you have a clean email…

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Black male smiles with headphones as he scrolls his phone viewing customer retention marketing messages
Category #Strategy February 23, 2021

4 Tactics for Keeping Customers Happy

Editor’s note: Make sure to also check out the first, second, and third post in our customer retention series. You know your customer-retention approach needs to evolve with the times. That is the first step. But you still have to give customers reasons to stick around. Because not…

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White male sits on outside bench with head down reading brand email focused on customer retention
Category #Strategy February 11, 2021

Why 2021 is the Year of Customer Retention

The beginning of the year has always been a difficult time for retaining customers. Your brand spent months acquiring and engaging customers ahead of the holiday season. But once the sales are gone, many consumers are unsubscribing and cleaning up their inbox (new year, new you, anyone?). Strategies…

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