Category #Strategy March 1, 2019

How Social Commerce is Changing the Retail Game

Retail is changing to meet customers where they are: not only in stores, but online, on the go, and on their mobile devices. More than ever, social media is influencing purchase decisions—through user-generated content, social influencers, ratings and reviews, data-driven advertising, and increasing native purchases on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube,…

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Category #How To February 26, 2019

5 Ways to Create Impactful, Authentic Content

Today’s marketplace is overrun with options that make it difficult for every brands to stand out. That means it’s more important than ever to understand your consumers’ expectations and preferences in order to meet their needs and, ultimately, turn them into repeat customers. 2019 Social Media Trends: What…

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Category #Strategy February 19, 2019

Social Updates: Interest Targeting and LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn is finally giving users the things they’ve been wanting. The professional connection platform recently announced it would be rolling out two huge updates to the channel—LinkedIn Live and Interest Targeting. Paid Social: Boosted Post or Facebook Ad? While its competitors have had some form of each…

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