Category #Strategy January 26, 2018

9 Tips for Reclaiming Your Privacy on Data Privacy Day

This piece was originally published on and was coauthored by Matthew Vernhout, Director of Privacy and Industry Relations at 250ok and EEC Advocacy Chair. Every year on January 28th the privacy community gets together to remind people about their rights as individuals to have their personal information protected…

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Category #Strategy January 18, 2018

What Facebook’s News Feed Change Means for Brands

Nick Verlaney, a social media strategist at DEG, co-authored this post.  In a predictable move, Facebook is updating its News Feed algorithm again to advance its promise to prioritize human connections. This focus will ultimately decrease the reach of public, media, and branded content and instead focus on showing more…

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Category #How To January 16, 2018

12 Ways to Fight the Holiday Hangover

We’re now more than two weeks into 2018, and while the weather outside may not have changed, the holiday season is firmly in the rear-view mirror. Now what? During a recent webinar with Bounce Exchange, DEG Senior Relationship Marketing Strategists Jenn Horner and Laura…

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Category #Strategy November 21, 2017

Three Great Reasons to Use Custom Sitecore Icons

I’ve mentioned a few times on Twitter that small details can go a long way when implementing a site on Sitecore. Whether it’s a custom background image, controlling the scope of what your content authors can see, or simply providing user-friendly messaging while in the experience editor, paying attention…

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