Woman in coral shirt shops on ecommerce site using her personal laptop
Category #Strategy April 13, 2021

The Impact of Changes in Commerce

Before you get too far into this blog, check out the first blog in this ecommerce series, The New Ecommerce Baseline. Once you finish parts one and two, head over to the final blog in the series, How to Evolve Your Ecommerce Program (coming soon). The New…

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Two women with long dark hair browse their phones interacting with marketing messages tracking their engagements and purchases in a cookieless future
Category #Strategy March 4, 2021

The Marketing Identity Crisis: A World Without Cookies

A shift is happening, quickly. While people are adopting new digital habits, adding devices and channels to their everyday online activities, several data restrictions related to privacy concerns and regulations are being implemented or planned. Unifying Cross-Cloud Customer IDs with Salesforce Customer 360 Audiences This challenge presents…

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Black female holds wooden-encased smartphone, opening branded email delivered with optimized inbox placement
Category #Strategy March 2, 2021

4 Ways to Improve Inbox Placement

If you suspect you may have an inbox-placement issue, there are several steps you can take to confirm your messages make it into your subscribers’ inboxes. Here are some best practices. Download the 4 Ways to Improve Inbox Placement ebook 1. Ensure you have a clean email…

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