Category #Strategy March 24, 2020

Using Postman to Deliver Increased API Efficiency

The trend of API-driven architecture has allowed for more seamless integrations between platforms and service providers. It also means a heavy reliance on technical resources for quality assurance (QA) and platform configuration. How Brands Should Communicate About COVID-19 To alleviate this, third-party tools like Postman can…

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Category #Trends March 19, 2020

How Brands Should Communicate About COVID-19

While everyone adjusts to the new normal of everyday health updates and recommendations, and social distancing, businesses are working through drastic changes to their operations and communications with customers. Striking the Right Balance in COVID-19 Email Communications To best respond to the situation, we’re offering some insight…

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Category #How To March 3, 2020

How to Use Cognito for SharePoint Authentication

In a recent project of our agency’s integration team, we built a custom membership provider for Cognito SSO to allow SharePoint 2019 to seamlessly authenticate using OAuth 2.0. In this blog, I’ll share the solution (code available here), outline the approach, and review lessons learned during development.

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Category #Strategy February 25, 2020

Direct-to-Consumer Best Practices

In our first direct-to-consumer strategy blog, we explored the common trends we’re seeing as consumers shift their purchasing habits and buy more online. Now, let’s consider a few best practices for adopting a DTC strategy for your business. Personalization at Scale: Easier Said Than Done There is…

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