Category #Strategy September 3, 2020

5 DTC Lessons That Can Be Learned From 90s Infomercials

Each day we see proof of an evolving consumer landscape. From Chanel’s Atelier Beaute providing digital consulting and shopping to Hypebae’s Animal Crossing fashion show, brands are finding new ways to engage directly with consumers and sell their products. The Factors Driving a Customer-Centric Marketing Approach…

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Category #Strategy September 1, 2020

The Next Normal Week 2 Recap: Digital Connections and DTC

Last week, we wrapped up The Next Normal summer webinar series with two sessions featuring thought leaders from PepsiCo and Salesforce discussing the importance of building connections in a socially distant world and developing successful direct-to-consumer content. Unlocking The Next Normal in Holiday and Nonprofit Marketing…

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Learn about the data privacy regulations CCPA and CPRA, and their effect beyond California.
Category #Trends August 20, 2020

What Is the CPRA vs the CCPA? And Why Does It Matter?

July 1 marked the official start to legal enforcement of CCPA, the California Consumer Privacy Act. Voted into law by the California legislature, the CCPA has national implications as it became the first major privacy law giving consumers in the United States control over their personal information, closely aligning with…

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Discover how to leverage Sitecore scheduled tasks with this helpful how-to guide from DEG.
Category #How To August 19, 2020

A Guide to Sitecore Scheduled Tasks and Experience Solutions

As an enterprise digital experience platform, Sitecore provides brands with the ability to easily manage content across its website and corporate intranet and create a seamless, personalized experience for consumers. Sitecore streamlines digital marketing operations for business growth and, with new updates, it continues to deliver improved customer experiences…

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Learn about the social media customer service technology platforms you can use to boost your 1:1 customer engagements.
Category #How To August 18, 2020

How to Create A Social Customer Service Solution

In the previous social customer service blog, we explored the trends driving increased brand interest in social customer service. Now, I’d like to dive into the social channels and marketing platforms used to develop social customer service solutions. Why Social Customer Service? And Why Now? Recently,…

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Category #How To August 13, 2020

How to Enhance Your Website Search Experience With Coveo

Today’s consumers rely on search engines to help them find anything and everything, including the search engine within your brand website. To assist our clients’ websites in serving relevant content to visitors, DEG leverages the Coveo enterprise search platform to transform website search experiences for deeper engagement with content and…

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Discover the importance of social customer care in your 1:1 brand-customer engagements.
Category #Trends August 11, 2020

Why Social Customer Service? And Why Now?

Social media has become the go-to channel to interact—both positively and negatively—with brands. In fact, according to Social Media Today,  67% of customers use social media to resolve issues with brands. Why You Should Optimize Your Instagram for Business Account But social customer service isn’t…

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