Category #How To November 29, 2012

Why Service Outages Are Never Temporary

It’s a fact of digital life – outages and disruptions are going to happen. Whether they’re unavoidable natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy, security breaches like the one that affected Epsilon customers in 2011, or Responsys’ technology issues on Cyber Monday, there are and will always be things that knock…

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Category #How To November 26, 2012

How To Project Email Success In Real Time

Our society has become accustomed to real-time information. As technology becomes more and more prevalent, we become increasingly impatient.  In our business, that means that as soon as we deploy an email, we want to know how it did. We don’t want to wait until the end of the campaign…

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Category #How To November 16, 2012

A/B Testing Can Solve Your Marketing Debates

If you’re a marketer, you have likely been in a meeting room at some point in your career (if not at some point this week) when your colleagues did not agree on the creative direction of a campaign. The strategist will vote for version A because they believe the concept…

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Category #How To November 1, 2012

Importing Files Using ExactTarget’s Automation Studio

Manually importing files is so passé. Why not bring your email program into an era of automation? I recently conducted a webinar on importing files using ExactTarget’s Automation Studio (formerly called Automated Interaction Management). What follows is a overview of what was shared in that session: Let’s imagine you’re…

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Category #How To October 31, 2012

6 Tips For a Stress-Free Holiday Email Program

Email is typically the third highest source of online revenue, just behind direct site traffic and pay-per-click, accounting for at least 20% of your online revenue. With a well-executed holiday email strategy, this percentage could increase to 30% or more. However, with everything else retailers have on their plates this…

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