Category #How To August 22, 2013

Magento Responsive Design from the Ground Up: CSS

In February I wrote about Responsively Refactoring a Magento site. Since then I’ve had the opportunity to design four Magento sites as responsive from the ground up. This post will go over the structure and principles my fellow UI Engineers and I developed across these sites. There were two…

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Category #How To August 15, 2013

Content Choreography in Responsive Email

There’s been a large discussion lately centered on the concept of content choreography and the best options for dealing with implementation. Even though all of the kinks haven’t been sorted out, new CSS layout options (flexbox, grid layouts) and javascript-based solutions (append around) give designers quite…

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Category #How To August 12, 2013

Five Tips For a Better Content Inventory

Your business likely faces a content challenge – like an intranet that siloes important information, or a website that doesn’t exactly facilitate customer purchases. Perhaps your successful content gets buried too early in its lifecycle, before you can maximize its potential. Or other less successful content doesn’t get archived quickly enough, and ends up boring, inconveniencing, or alienating your…

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