Category #How To April 18, 2014

Seven Tips for Designing Your Intranet

Ready to re-design your current intranet? Before you make any sudden moves, consider the benefits of doing user research up front. Over the past year alone, DEG’s Enterprise Collaboration practice has carried out more than ten separate discovery processes for our clients. Along the way, we discovered some…

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Category #How To March 31, 2014

Opening Day: How to Write Email Copy That Wins

Today is Opening Day — a much-anticipated holiday for baseball fans throughout America. But as email marketers, we strive to make every day an Opening Day for our subscribers. To get that coveted open and hit a home run with engagement, we must cover our bases and follow some email…

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Category #How To January 2, 2014

Configuring Pardot’s LeadDeck: Be savvy, not creepy

I like to explain marketing automation as a tool for holistically integrating your customer relationship management (CRM) database, website, landing pages, forms, emails, and scoring/grading/assigning prospects. Sounds awesome, right? It  is, but you should understand that marketing automation is ineffectual if you are not including your Sales team. DEG utilizes…

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Category #How To December 19, 2013

Configuring Pardot’s Wistia Integration

Back in September while attending ExactTarget’s Connections, I joined a lively brunch with some of Wistia’s clients and Wista’s team members, including Wistia’s Co-founder and CEO, Chris Savage. If you are not familiar, Wistia is a video hosting…

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Category #How To December 3, 2013

Optimizing Sitecore For Content Editors

In most website development, the end user (site visitor) is king. Most of our design efforts are focused on user experience. Even with a CMS as fully featured as Sitecore, many times we favor of the public user and neglect the CMS user, even though he or she will spend…

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Category #How To November 25, 2013

Data Synchronization And The Art of Platform Integration

As of late, technology platform integration has been a popular topic of discussion. These platforms usually include back office software like a CRM or ERP, e-commerce websites, corporate portals, and the like. Because this is such a frequent and important architectural conversation when developing solutions, an explanation is warranted to…

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Category #How To November 18, 2013

Help For Configuring Pardot's Connector

With’s Dreamforce this week, I was thinking DEG should celebrate Pardot’s Connector! Pardot’s Knowledge Base is incredible and has detailed instructions on configuring the Connector; however, I’ve found administrators sometimes struggle with this documentation—it’s sparse on screenshots. I decided to rectify this: I’ve…

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