Category #How To July 16, 2015

Changing Links After an Email Sends

It used to be a hassle to fix a link that needed to be changed in an email that had already deployed. What used to take upwards of 30 minutes and a call to Salesforce Marketing Cloud support can now easily be done from within the SFMC platform by users…

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Category #How To July 7, 2015

How To Create A Sitecore Scheduled Task

To create a scheduled task in Sitecore, first you must create the .NET class that will contain the logic that you wish to execute.  In the example below I'm simply logging a message whenever the task is run. Your method must accept three arguments: An array of items that can be specified in a later step when you define the command's schedule The Sitecore task CommandItem The Sitecore task ScheduleItem

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Category #How To May 21, 2015

Using Sitecore Configuration Factory For Dependency Injection

Dependency injection in .NET has become fairly commonplace and there are many popular frameworks out there to do so. If you're embracing the philosophy of building generic re-usable pieces of functionality, you may not want to tie yourself down to one particular technology. Fortunately, Sitecore provides a solution that will allow you to easily use different IoC frameworks between projects. This post will describe how to utilize the Sitecore configuration factory for basic dependency injection.

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Category #How To March 12, 2015

Coding With Salesforce Marketing Cloud Fuel REST API

The Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) Fuel REST API is lightweight, easy to use, and on its way to full maturity. Development teams are choosing to leverage it more frequently. In the recent past, several of our clients’ development teams encountered hurdles implementing the Fuel REST API within their projects. This…

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Category #How To September 2, 2014

Magento Responsive Design: 5 Useful Snippets

Rather than reiterate the Magento Front End best practices, I wanted to share five useful Layout XML code snippets. These snippets are especially useful when starting a new theme or efficiently making changes to an existing theme. 1) Add or Remove Javascript or Stylesheets in the…

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