Category #How To March 3, 2020

How to Use Cognito for SharePoint Authentication

In a recent project of our agency’s integration team, we built a custom membership provider for Cognito SSO to allow SharePoint 2019 to seamlessly authenticate using OAuth 2.0. In this blog, I’ll share the solution (code available here), outline the approach, and review lessons learned during development.

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Category #How To February 13, 2020

Using VirtualBox to Test IE11 on a Mac

Like it or not, Internet Explorer (IE) 11 is not going away for a while. Even though Microsoft is ending support for the much-maligned web browser, there are still quite a few holdouts that will keep it going. new Year(); new You(): 5 DEG UI Resolutions for 2020…

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Category #How To October 24, 2019

How to Turn Personalization Theory into Practice

Personalization sounds great. You’ve got a platform that can provide what you’re looking for. You’ve got the content and functionality you can leverage to create a more unique experience. You’ve identified the audiences you want to target. But what next? How do you turn the theory and concepts into practical…

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Category #How To May 28, 2019

12 Tips for Mastering the Conference Experience

No matter what major conference or industry event you’re attending this year, you need to plan for everything that goes along with the experience. That includes what you pack and how you schedule your time on the trip. Experiences Made for Every Moment at Connections 2019 As…

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Category #How To February 26, 2019

5 Ways to Create Impactful, Authentic Content

Today’s marketplace is overrun with options that make it difficult for every brands to stand out. That means it’s more important than ever to understand your consumers’ expectations and preferences in order to meet their needs and, ultimately, turn them into repeat customers. 2019 Social Media Trends: What…

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