White person types on slim mac keyboard writing engaging email subject lines to grow business
Category #How To April 1, 2021

Get More Opens: Writing Email Subject Lines

When the world shut down last year, email quickly became a hot channel for brands to communicate directly with consumers. Messages began flooding inboxes with information on store openings, closings, and safety measures put in place. Crafting the Perfect Email Marketing Campaign Automatic trigger messages shared purchase…

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White woman uses her smartphone to read an article about the latest social media crisis on Twitter involving Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Category #How To March 25, 2021

3 Tips to Avoiding a Public Social Media Crisis

Editor’s note: This article was co-written by Senior Social Media Strategist Kyle Babson. Selling on Instagram in 2021: What Brands Need to Know If you logged onto Twitter this week, you probably noticed that Cinnamon Toast Crunch was trending—and not for a good reason. LA-based podcaster Jensen…

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Black woman smiles at perfect email marketing campaign on her smartphone sharing the latest promotion from her favorite brand
Category #How To December 10, 2020

Crafting the Perfect Email Marketing Campaign

In the next part of our email campaign management guide, let’s consider what it takes to write and design the perfect email marketing campaign. Every Brand’s Guide to Email Campaign Management Success 7. Craft your subject line The first thing your subscribers see in their inbox is…

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Asian woman sitting on yellow couch using laptop to set up a successful email marketing campaign
Category #How To December 8, 2020

How to Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Before you do anything else, focus on the fact that your emails need to be timely, relevant, interesting, and valuable for your audience. Going through the following steps with this mindset will help you navigate questions and prepare for a year’s worth of email campaigns. Every Brand’s Guide…

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