Bruno Mars lip-syncs and flash mobs are just a few ways Millennials have given the time-honored tradition of the marriage proposal new life with their mix of creativity and social-sharing skills. Getting down on one knee and asking that very important question has become the encore. What leads up to the question are the songs, dances, movies, and surprises that transform each love story into a one-of-a-kind experience.

For jewelry companies, engagement ring shoppers are some of the most critical and complex of its customer base. Help them capture the biggest moment of their lives, and you’re building a bond that lasts a lifetime. Helzberg Diamonds strives to share in celebrating these happiest of moments, and did so for one bachelor by giving him the proposal experience that he and his bride-to-be would never forget.

DEG understood that video is the most effective storytelling tool for capturing emotional reactions.

The Proposal

Will she say yes? It’s such a simple answer, but an enormous amount of work and planning went into it. Helzberg understands the complexity and emotions involved in picking out the perfect ring for that special someone; the brand has been uniting the two for more than 100 years. Building on Helzberg’s success with a National Proposal Day campaign the year prior, the company again came to DEG looking for an innovative and creative way to relieve the stress and enhance the joy of the ring-shopping process.


The Campaign

As Helzberg’s social agency of record, DEG knew that video was the most effective storytelling tool for capturing emotional reactions. The agency got to work on the strategy and storyboarding, planning out every step on how to change one bachelor’s life. The star of the campaign, Kyle, was under the impression he would be in a documentary about ring shopping, and only after he was on site for filming did he learn of Helzberg’s true proposal.

If Kyle agreed to propose to his girlfriend Madison in the next 48 hours, Helzberg would not only give him the engagement ring for free, but would also help him plan an unforgettable experience. DEG managed a production crew to follow Kyle around to iconic Kansas City locations as he checked off every critical detail – from picking flowers and a new suit to selecting the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts as his stage and a vintage Bentley for their grand exit.

Kyle got his answer – of course she said yes – so DEG went to work sharing Kyle’s story with the world. DEG utilized its cross-channel capabilities and experience in the digital space to engage nearly all of the paid and organic platforms at its disposal. The campaign, titled “We Propose You Propose,” was promoted all over social media, as well as in email, an online landing page – which featured behind-the-scenes content, including several shorter videos – and PR and influencer outreach. Almost as quickly as Helzberg helped Kyle propose, DEG turned the We Propose You Propose campaign from an idea into a reality, with just 18 days between production and the campaign launch.

We Propose You Propose generated buzz immediately with more than 125,000 video views in the first week alone.

The Results

We Propose You Propose launched right in time for Valentine’s Day, when many potential fiancés look to surprise their future brides. The campaign, which is still live and going strong, generated buzz immediately with more than 125,000 video views in the first week alone. A month and a half later, the videos were viewed 2.2 million times and the campaign generated 175 million impressions. With DEG’s help, Helzberg provided a symbol that encapsulates the biggest moment of its customer’s life and an experience that will last a lifetime.

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