Whether you’re a home owner looking to remodel your kitchen or a professional starting from blueprints, home improvement projects take a lot of planning, effort – and a little luck – to make your dream concept a reality. ProSource Wholesale, North America’s largest trade-only wholesale home improvement company, is making these visions come to life through expert advice and wholesale prices.

DEG focused on a multi-purpose approach, understanding the reach the video could have on various mediums.

The Ask

ProSource Wholesale turned to DEG, its agency of record, to produce a video promoting its new and improved brand and service offerings for the company to display at conventions, on its website, and through other digital mediums.

The Answer

DEG led the strategy from beginning to end, starting with identifying ProSource’s target audiences and what aspects of the brand’s new website and in-store features would resonate most. The agency went to work, scripting and storyboarding a narrative that would highlight the ease and benefit of ProSource’s resources, while also making the situations relatable. As a leader in the digital marketing space, DEG focused on a multi-purpose and cross-channel approach, understanding the reach the video could have on various mediums. DEG contracted and managed a production company to scout talent, shoot the video, record the voiceover, and handle post production, while the agency offered strategy and approving decisions throughout the process.

The Results

With the knowledge that ProSource caters to two distinct audiences with differing needs, DEG developed two videos – ranging from 30 seconds to one minute – with one relating to home owners and the other to trade professionals. The videos debuted at the 2016 ProSource Winter Convention, showcasing how trade professionals manage projects online, while home owners search for inspiration from the ProSource website. DEG’s video production team bolstered awareness around the brand, which in turn made that kitchen remodel or new house easier than ever.

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