Hyatt Place strives to deliver style, innovation, and convenience bolstered with modern comforts to each and every guest staying across its more than 175 locations. In an effort to increase its reach and provide that unique experience to additional guests, the organization began to eye social media as an important path toward extending its brand.


The Ask

With an existing investment in its “You’ll Know It’s Right When You See It” campaign, Hyatt Place turned to DEG, one of Inc. Magazine’s “25 Companies Changing the World”, to leverage the campaign’s message across its social media platforms. DEG knew that force-fitting traditional marketing assets into social media outlets wouldn’t realize the best possible business outcomes. Instead, the digital marketing experts turned to a fresh idea for transforming the existing message in ways that would harness social media’s distinctive dynamics for maximum results.

The Answer

DEG empowered Hyatt to engage with its audience through its digital media expertise and work in the strategy, design, copy development, creative, paid media, and overall execution of the campaign.

Hyatt Place’s campaign was brought to life across social venues through the development of a “Conversation Calendar” kit. The plan encompassed text, photo, and video posts to spark conversation and interaction among fans and followers, engaging existing guests and attracting new ones as it fostered ongoing dialog.


A significant and unique component of DEG’s social promotion of Hyatt Place involved the creation of original video spots. The idea was born to complement Hyatt Place commercials, but in a manner uniquely suited to the nuances of social media. To that end, DEG devised core standards for a video format that would generate impressive impact among social media audiences. The agency pledged to create videos that would:

  • be short and sweet
  • toe the line between slap-stick and intellectual humor
  • offer a low-grade production feel for higher credibility
  • spark the viewer to laugh out loud.

DEG knows digital media, and brings that knowledge to the planning and creation of assets that complement traditional efforts yet resonate specially among social media users. For example, in keeping with the parameters set forth for the style of the video shorts, DEG embraced the process from end to end. The team assembled the necessary equipment and technology for the shoots, identified the right acting talent, developed the script and shot list, scouted and arranged locations, shot and edited the spots, and finally uploaded the completed pieces.

The resulting collection of video shorts spanned from focusing on Hyatt Place’s complimentary breakfast buffets and its real-food dining options (hummus, flatbread pizza, and chocolate lava cake!) to its truly seamless, truly free wifi connectivity. The spots featured a regular guy, highlighting Hyatt Place’s accessibility to all audiences, and provided viewers with both information and entertainment in the quick and captivating capacity social media can provide.

Understanding the need for making an instant connection on social media, DEG wrote simple and inviting video lead-ins to encourage clicks. “Our chefs aren’t paid to vend you food,” touts one Facebook post. “A buffet you’ll actually want to eat, free with you stay,” teases another.

The Result

DEG instilled in Hyatt Place a confidence that strategy, development, and execution were in the hands of specialized talent and experience that could transform the project from an idea to successful results.

As soon as the campaign began, DEG monitored the posted videos to track and analyze fan and follower responses. This approach allowed the agency to study the effectiveness of the work and to propose and execute any necessary fine-tuning to drive the impact of future posts. To date, measurement efforts have revealed that the pre-campaign organic growth of about 30 fans per day increased into the hundreds, amassing a Hyatt Place fan base that now exceeds 70,000. One post alone garnered more than 2,000 likes and more than 150 shares, a virality that contributed to an overall digital reach surpassing two million users.

This creativity, social media and technology know-how, and commitment to continuous improvement exemplify DEG’s efforts to serve Hyatt Place as the digital media expert that generates results.

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