No matter what language you speak, country you’re in, or device you use, fast and easily consumed messaging is a priority for everyone connecting to the web. With a global community of subscribers, Mozilla’s Firefox + You email newsletter reaches hundreds of thousands of subscribers on a variety of computers, phones, and tablets – all using one brand voice. Communication as multifaceted and grand as this needs a dynamic and modern feel to best engage many audiences throughout the world.

Firefox + You mobile

The Ask

To help optimize email engagement, Mozilla turned to DEG’s renowned and award-winning creative and user interface expertise. As a leading expert in direct email marketing, DEG was tasked with redesigning the Firefox + You Newsletter template. For the redesign, Mozilla asked for a contemporary look with high cross-platform performance and a small bandwidth allocation. This was to ensure that Mozilla reached as many users as it could it the most impactful way – Mozilla has subscribers in a number of areas, on a number of different devices, and in areas with varying sophistications in technology. Alongside the template design, DEG was also tasked with reorganization of the Mozilla email database and account architecture.

The Answer

DEG collaborated closely with Mozilla’s internal design team to create a fluid template, inspired by a current and efficient design philosophy to appeal to a large, diverse audience. Along with creating a new look and feel for the newsletter template, the digital agency also took on the task of managing the subscription functionality – both in maintenance of current records and in the sign-up process. DEG then rejuvenated the Firefox + You database and reworked the subscription functionality to a double opt-in system to improve subscriber engagement.

Part of the collaborative effort with Mozilla’s design team to achieve maximum versatility in the email design meant intuitive coding. DEG came to the conclusion that a hybrid-coded email, which combines responsive and fluid design with conditional comments, would work most effectively across multiple channels while maintaining a small file size. Concerning bandwidth, file size, and modern design trends, DEG utilized its expertise as an industry leader to meet the needs of Mozilla’s requirements.

The Result

Not only was Mozilla’s Firefox + You newsletter refreshed, but the testing also showed a notable conversion increase with DEG’s proposed messaging and format; an impressive 62 percent increase in unique click-through rate from the prior format. The Firefox + You newsletter now has an evolved brand to accommodate for changing device display and design trends.

This new email system will not only internally streamline the process for Mozilla’s newsletter, but has also proven to increase subscriber conversion and engagement. Mozilla’s partnership with DEG resulted in a versatile and modern email system that has proven to show ample engagement in a variety of messaging for audiences around the world.

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